First Open Carry Experience

Discussion in 'Open Carry' started by Noel, May 9, 2012.

  1. Noel


    Just got back from my first real outing in public.

    Went to a well-frequented Speedway on Airport Highway. Walked by both employees numerous times while getting my coffee, niether said anything about my weapon, nor treated me differently. A good experience all round. Despite my nervous shakes, being new to it.
  2. Hey! Welcome to open carry for real!

    It does get much easier the more you do it.


  3. Noel


    I have now been openly carrying my weapon for at least a week now. I've not been hassled once by police, nor any other people. I live, work, and shop in Northwestern Ohio, in the Toledo area.

    No one has seemed to care thus far, even discussed it with one of the employees at a restaurant I go to on the weekends sometimes. She told me she thought I was undercover police, but seemed no more alarmed when I told her I wasn't. She even completely understood why, "Because people go crazy sometimes," she said. Also, the owner of said restaurant is a gun collector. Got into a small discussion with him, too.

    I've been to many businesses over the past week, and no one looks, except the kids. Children seem to be..Curious, or even slightly worried about the carrying, but nothing has come from it. I blame this on the media, "Guns are bad, kay?"
  4. Well done and congratulations on making a smooth transition to open carry.


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