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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by ADulay, April 12, 2015.

  1. All,

    I was out at the range this afternoon making sure my carry gun for Monday's IDPA shoot was running right. (It's a Glock, of course it's running right) but that was my excuse to get out of the house and hit the range.

    Another buddy of mine showed up a little later to test out some new sights he had put on his Glock 41 (45ACP). Nice gun and very nice sights. Kind of a bright green triangle combination. Very easy to sight and shoot.

    Anyway, he's taking a few shots, checking it out and whining about not bringing his tool to move the rear sight as the gun "is shooting left".

    At this point EVERYBODY's light above their head should light up brightly. Now, in unison, we all say "It's your trigger control is screwed up, not the gun".

    But he doesn't believe me and continues to shoot left, a lot.

    I said that before he starts whacking the rear sight with a tool of some sort, I think I should at least take a few shots with it to confirm what you're seeing.

    At 10 yards, 6 shots all to the center zero with the last two to the head. Very nice shooter and I did like the sights.

    He takes it back and proceeds to hit the left side of the target.

    I tell him once again that his trigger control sucks (nicely though) and he needs to make a smoother pull on it and not anticipate the shot or try to jerk the shot.

    He shoots a few more left and I ask an old timer in the next bay to come over and take a few shots with it. He had been working on some 20 yard stuff with a new 1911 style 9mm gun. Very slow, but very accurate. I figure this guy would be the deciding factor.

    Sure enough, from 10 yards it's all zeros. We back out to 20 yards and put all shots on target, most in the zero. My buddy is all over the place with MOST SHOTS GOING LEFT!! This can only point to one culprit!

    So, he is now convinced that he's anticipating the shot and "pushing" the gun at the time the gun fires.

    The lesson here? If you're having trouble with your gun, before you start hacking around with it, have a few other competent shooters at least try it. If everybody is shooting the same bad pattern, it's the gun. If not, IT'S THE SHOOTER!!

    AD (end of sermon)

  2. BuckJM53


    AD ... I have dispensed the very same advice to many shooters over the years and have had the opportunity to vindicate another shooter's "faulty pistol" at the range upon numerous occasions. Some folks take a little practical "convincing" :banghead:

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