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  1. I bought my BCG from Gunbroker tonight thanks to a little help from my parents. I am truly blessed.

    Anyhow, I got a Nickel Boron carrier with a Crane MIL-Spec Viton® O-ring on the bolt. I payed a pretty penny though at $300 but damn it I finally got IT!
  2. MikeH121


    ALmost as much as the gas piston.... still waiting on me barrel. But I was given a lead on a local guy. From a guy I do alot of work for...he has a Barret .50 just because he wanted one:D

    His bud is a gunsmith/dealer out of his home..says he may sell me a barrel. He does custom including lower mods for the 50 beowulf, may find out this week.

    Also I ain't got to the PO yet, but I also included a USB thingy with loads of manuals in PDF. I been a busy boy.
  3. Yeah I know it was pricey but the prices are that or more right now. I was happy it was the nickel boron coated though.

    Yeah I am waiting on the barrel as well right now too. Last word from them was they are still on back order. Probably see it about mid March I imagine. If you've got a line on a barrel more power to ya. I have tried to find a decent price on an in stock barrel and that is a losing battle as well. With your connections I am sure you'll do fine.

    No worries on getting to the post office Mike. I am sure your busy with work and other things. ;)

  4. MikeH121


    Elated....:party: then sad.....:cry:

    Got home there was a FEDEx truck in front of me house.... private drive so he needed to back up told him to use my drive after I found out I had no package from Zombie barrels....:banghead: he was delivering to my neighbor.

    Still waiting on my 2 firing pins from Midway they emailed me that the tracking number was wrong after I contacted my DPMS pins (2) a day later my BO Olympic ones shipped. SO right now I have 3.

    Today though got my charging handle latch, my SS DPMS barrel ext with M4 ramps, and my Pro-Mag vise kit. Upper block, lower mag block and BCG insert.....MidWay has been awesome. Now if I only had a barrel to tourque down.

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