Evaluating Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion solid copper bullets (VIDEO)

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by whitewolf68, September 2, 2012.

  1. PrepperTraining


    You're not kidding about the cost!

    9mm is $32.27 for a box of 20.
    .45 is from $32.12 for a box of 12 to $46.50 for a box of 20,

    I thought it's interesting is that the 9mm is only 69 or 105 gr. (I usually shoot 115 grain) The .45 is available in 170, 174 and 230 gr. I usually shoot 230 gr.

    We discussed these in the class with John Farnam and he highly recommended them.
  2. They look like GREAT home defense/personal defense round despite the cost. Obviously they retain 100% of their weight as well being all copper. Perhaps the police need to start carrying these and bring back the TRUE meaning of the term "Copper". :rofl:
  3. diesel


    :shocker:WOW, never saw anything like that! They reminded me of a broadhead that opens on impact. I think they are well worth it for home defence. I don't think anyones going to get up after taking 230 grains of this bad boy to the chest.:flag:
  4. They are impressive aren't they, and I would agree after taking one of those they are not getting up ever again.

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