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    This is considered one of the finest factory engraved Smith's ever produced.
    Personally, i don't much care for engraved hand guns with the exception of the hand engraved and gold inlaid Colt made for the sultan of Brunei in the late 19th century.

    If i knew how to set up a poll, i would, but i don't.

    I searched for the sultans colt and was unable to find it. Here is one quite like it made for JFK who was killed before receiving it, but in that style that i do like, then again i was never a fan of "white guns." A revolver must be blued for me to love it.
    newcolt5.jpg newcolt5a.jpg newcolt5c.jpg
    To me, this is pretty,r than a new pup.

    Are you a fan of engraving or not?:flag:
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    Diesel ... While I very much appreciate the art and craftsmanship behind the engraving, I've never considered having any of my pistols engraved (I'm a pretty simple guy :))
  3. As much as I enjoy the beauty of a well engraved handgun (or long gun for that matter) I am normally not a collector of guns so the engraving is lost on me.

    Obviously most of the really spectacular guns with engraving may never be shot!

    This is about the limit of my engraving on my sidearms. As with most engraving, there is a theme, a memory or something important to the owner.

    In fact, this small bit of engraving (replaceable with the stock piece) is on every one of my Glocks.

    I did elect to go with the engraved metal piece instead of the silk screened plastic piece. I do have some standards you know!



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  4. KISS, keep it simple stupid. Engraving on a gun is like a custom paint job on a muscle car. It doesn't go any faster or can you control it any better.
    Granted they are nice to look at, but it doesn't help putting lead down range at all.

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