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Discussion in 'General Political Discussion' started by diesel, November 9, 2012.

  1. diesel


    RIFLEMAN and i were talking about the shit to start soon. He had an idea that sounded crazy until i thought about it a little more.
    Just take a food style vacum sealer and........let your imagination finish that sentence. ""HIDE THEM."
    ''Oh...i sold that one at a gun show. Don't remember the guys name but he had a legitimate drivers license.'':flag:
  2. Darn I wish I would thought of that. Thankfully my pup is digging hiding spots all over my yard so I just have to fill them with something:evil:
  3. rebel_son


    The problem they might have is that when they come for some people's guns they will get them. The problem is they will be getting them barrel first.
  4. Someone on another forum brought up a good point. Hide them, for what? You can't use them ever again if you plan on keeping them. They can have my ammunition first if they make an illegal move for my 2nd amendment rights. Hopefully it will never come to that though.
  5. MikeH121


    When it becomes time to hide or bury your guns, it has become time to use them.

    If the libtards, the socialists, the progressives, the commie-lites, the facists, the elites, and all the other "government can provide at the expense of the productive" "communism only failed because they just didn't do it right" idiots, think they can move to confiscate our guns, using the threat of violence and gunpoint to stop violence, there will be blood. There will be revolution.

    There were 600,000 hunters in Wisconsin, 750,000 in Pennsylvania, 700,000 in Michigan, 250,000 in West Virginia, this year. Count some as coming from other states registered to huntthere . Still in just 4 states 2.3 million alone roughly. Still 46 states to count. Some just hunt some of those also CCW. But the numbers alone beat the Militaries of most of the worlds countries.

    Hunters only will cave. Some of the rest will give up. You hear at a gun buyback how some say they just want them gone beause they have been brainwashed by the libtards. Their gun has never hunted anyone down and killed them. Yet they buy in to the "gun is the problem" mindset. There will be LEO's who will justify themselves saying I am just following orders. Most will refuse. And the first incidents where the people do fight back and LEO's are killed, it will end. Not enough cops. So without and outside force from the UN or some such, it will be a failure.

    But, if they keep it up, if they actually try, the people will rise and revolt. It won't be, they used mean language and "targeted politicians for election time", it will be they used real violence and "these politicians were targeted and killed"

    It will not be a civil war. Those who are scared of guns, and have that libtard idea of getting rid of the 2nd Amendment don't have the guns. WE DO.

    Our military will be on our side as most are pro-gun and pro-constitution. There will be a coup. Or as our man in the white house would say a "coupe" as he said the "corpse" when talking about the Marine Corps.

    They cannot rid the country of the ammo and guns that exist in out hands. They can ban by laws sale and manufacturing more from here on out. But most have been stocking up.

    It will die down some, they will try to keep pushing but the overall interest of the low info or no info voter "ohhh look who won American Idol"...."did you see that Kim Kardashian may pose naked" will forget about it with their ETV attention spans. They will get sleepy. As long as we do not rest.
  6. Wait, Kim Kardashian is posing naked? :p

    Actually, excellent post, thanks Mike! :clap:
  7. I've pretty much come to the same conclusion. Should the government, in its infinite stupidity, actually try to declare all weapons "illegal", it will fail for the reasons you've mentioned.

    There are a lot of "internet commandos" with "tactical keyboards" who talk a big game on every gun type forum you can find. They will meekly surrender their weapons at the first display of force coming for them at the front door. These are not the people who are concerning the feds.

    However, there is a very large contingent of owners who will not go quietly. Those are the ones who will be sitting at home and just saying to themselves, "Do not come through that door looking for my guns".

    There are no threats implied by these "quiet warriors" and there will be no nonsense about the solution to these individual, illegal acts against the 2nd Amendment.

    They understand the words that were written by people much more in tune to the safety of our country than any of our current day politicians and those words are simply; "Shall Not Be Infringed".

    If the government wants to declare the 2nd Amendment "illegal" by some kind of half-baked (the forum censor ate that one) senate majority vote, they will be in for a big surprise.

    Gentlemen, we may actually be coming up on a real gut check in the future.

    The other side of the argument is that the politicians are making all these wild eyed claims and obviously illegal pieces of legislation, KNOWING that most of it won't go anywhere, but they got their face and name in the media for weeks at a time and are now basking in their own, self absorbed world. What a far cry from the men who risked everything for the chance to live free and were asked to pay with their own fortunes and lives. Kind of makes our current crop of political hacks look like the sniveling cowards they really are.

    Like many have mentioned before me. A long time ago I took an oath that basically had me sign a blank check to the United States of America for any amount up to and including my life.

    That check is still out there and my oath still stands.

  8. rebel_son


    You guys are some really patriot and liberty loving yankees. I am finding more and more people all over the country that love america and liberty that it amazes me how the hell people like Obama are getting elected.

    Good to know you'll
  9. diesel


    It's refreshing to see someone with the balls to tell it like it REALLY is! Great reference, Wolf, the man was dead on right.
    I've often thought, the authors of our constitution must have been time travelers from our future, or aliens, or something even more?:angel:
    Their words are as relevant today as they were 230 years ago, if not more relevant.
    Our country has gotten along just fine with American constitutional aegis for two hundred years now. These treasonous politicians who want to change it are self-important fools who will fail in the end.
    And guys, I only talked of burying my valuable collector guns, not my battle weapons!!!:flag:
  10. rebel_son


    Very true, part of our downfall is the false gods of political correctness and balkinazation of our country in the name of multi-culturalism. It is only going to get worse. no doubt in my mind.

    Load your rifles guys and lace your boots. Keep your blades sharp and your powder dry.

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