Effects of the 'Frenzy' on reloading/reloaders

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  1. Because of the news,it started out with ARs' and Glocks. The Glock frenzy didn't last long and everything shifted to ARs'. AR15s' were being sold and sold-out. Gotta get those AR15s' before they're banned !!! Everyone buying those AR15s' then needed ammo. 223/5.56 that was $350 per 1000 went up to $1000 per 1000 when it became scarce and hard to get. People had the guns,not all of them had ammo(or enough of it). To reload became an option. Equipment and components(at the pre-frenzy prices because frenzy pricing had not caught up to the reloading aspect) made it possible to load 1000 rds for much less than $1000. WELL the frenzy has caught up to the reloading aspect. 9mm ammo and components impacted too.
    Gunbroker:some examples 3-12-2013
    -small pistol primers @ $75 per 1K
    -IMR powders usable in 7.62x39 & 223/5.56 @ $55-85 per lb.
    -223/5.56 55fmjbt bullets @ $20 per 100

    I don't know what's next or where/when it's gonna end.
  2. diesel


    :flag:Hang in there,10mm. Sooner than one thinks, the panic flood of AR's will come on the market, cheaper than dirt. These panic buyers will be looking to sell weapons and ammo when things calm down.:D

    That's when devils, like me,:evil: will step in to purchase them at money making prices. Who knows, if it happens soon enough, I can avoid the garage and yard sells this summer. LOL....:thumbs:
  3. I wasn't 'complainig',just stating the sequence. My handloading 'stock' is well stocked at pre-frenzy/early frenzy pricing. Probably OVERSTOCKED.
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    Never meant that you were complaining, Sir, just meant that i think there will soon be bargain basement prices. It's obvious by reading your posts that you know more than anyone on this forum about ammo and component prices. In six months or so one won't be able to get $900 for an AR. Just my opinion Sir, probably wrong as usual.:flag::flag:
  5. I totally agree with you about bargain basement prices and deals. When the frenzy is done(providing no more Newtowns occur) and the government is done legislating their new 'gun laws',all those frenzy buyers will have their black rifles not being used or having tried them and finding out 'damn these things use a lot of ammo' and not really having a bunch of close local places to shoot them,lot of them will be selling to try to recoup some of their frenzy investment money. At the same time,manufacturers are running 24/7 to build ARs' and eventually store shelves are gonna be stocked again. At the time when the market gets flooded,the only way to sell is to reduce/lower the price. The same with ammo.
  6. I can feel your pain. I have 2 Dillion 550B, 1 Rock chucker and a Mec Jr sitting idle right now because of a lack of supplies. The prices are getting ridiculous and I am afraid that is what the government wanted all along.

    If they control the ammo the do not have to control the firearms and there is no 2nd Amendment conflict and no legal recourse on our part just the problems of supply and demand.

  7. 'Note to self',time to stop buying primers,I have enough. Been finding at the gunshows,primers at below frenzy pricing($40 a brick) and even at pre-frenzy pricing($30 a brick).

    My pistol primer stock

    My rifle primer stock
  8. Color me jealous! :D

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