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  1. Anybody here have a 'drone' ? I'm thinking along the line of using a drone to go out and visualize targets at distance(100 yds & +) and send the video signal back to a laptop INSTEAD of having to walk back & forth to that distance. I have nothing against walking as I do a lot at Cedar Point and swap meets. Just as a time-saver.
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    That sounds like a great idea! We need to figure out a way to market that. The only problem I see is some bozo shooting it because the range will remain hot.

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  4. the more popular they become,the more inexpensive they become,sales competition !
    don't forget to let us know which one you acquire.
    In may/june of this year,I went to a Camaro/firebird gathering in Milford Mich. One of the participants had a drone operating and video taped the event/cars and then posted on the clubs' site. It was interesting.
  5. in response to post #2,I wasn't implying that the range would remain 'hot',but 'cold' time would be shorter just to be able to see a target in detail.
    Also to post #2,interesting idea,drone could be flying,at a height of 50', carrying a target hanging down to target level,flying in a totally random pattern.

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