Double Secret Emergency Holster

Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by ADulay, October 6, 2013.

  1. All,

    I hope I haven't posted this up in another thread but I'll keep this short and simple.

    I carry every day and all day. It's just what I do.

    I was thinking about a problem that would arise should I injure my right hand or arm for some reason. Skateboarding, skydiving, motorcycles, sailing and a few other things that a person of my, uh, advanced learning, should probably be avoiding.

    With that said, I went online and ordered up a LEFT HANDED Bianchi holster to match the holster I normally wear.

    Problem solved.

    I've put the G19 and the G23 in it and did some practice carry, draws, etc. No problems at all and now at least I know I won't have to worry about how I'm going to carry when I do something stupid and screw up my right arm/hand/fingers.

    AD (why yes I do skydive)

  2. JustJack


    Now you can double carry. Have to figure out where to put the spare mags, but that's a problem most of us would probably be happy to have. :D
  3. diesel


    Is there anything you can't or don't do, AD?:shocker::flag:
  4. BuckJM53


    AD ... Thanks for sending me a picture of your new holster setup ... It's mighty impressive pardner (gotta like the hat too) :D

  5. diesel


    I think I was "MUCH" cuter than AD in 1960. I also have a two gun rig,......44 mags!LMAO:flag:

    old clips 022.jpg old clips 021.jpg

    Ain't got crap on my two gun set AD!! hat's much cooler, in case there are women nearby!!! Double..LMAO!!!!:D:flag:
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  6. Somewhere in my brother's house is a picture very similar to those of the both of us on a horse and basically dressed like cowboys. They used to travel the neighborhoods like that and take the photo.

    I should see if he can find it one of these days.


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