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  1. It's been a couple years since a thread like this and since things have changed, time for updates.
    Do you reload and currently what cartridges ?
    Do you plan on adding any other cartridges ?
    Do you plan on reloading ? and for what cartridges ?

    I currently reload for 9mm, 38 special, 357 magnum, 40 S&W, 10mm, 223/5.56, 308/7.62.
    Have reloaded and still have the dies for 44sp/44mag, 17Rem, 243Win, 6mmRem, 30-06, 35Rem.
  2. daniellawecki


    I reload 41mag 44mag 45colt 45acp 22k Hornet 38spl 357mag 223 30/06
  3. I reload for ....

    357 mag. & max.
    44 mag.
    444 Marlin
    45 Long Colt
    35 Remington
  4. I see no 9mm,40s&w,45acp on that list.
    What kind of firearm for the 35Rem,lever or bolt ?
    I've loaded for the 35Rem.(.358") wicked velocities with 9mm(.355") 90gr and 38/357(.357") 110gr bullets.
  5. I do have pistols in 9mm, 40 S/W and 45 acp. I just never reloaded for them.

    I started out shooting a T/C Contender in 35 Remington but ended up selling and purchasing other caliber for the Contender. I also have a Marlin 336 in 35 Remington.

  6. At the Medina gun show today,I was looking at all the Marlin 35Rems',they were in the 450-475 range.
    Saw a S&W 2" SS 9mm revolver(very rare),I've been looking for a 3",but it was in collector grade and $1100.
    I'm looking for something more used as I want it to be a shooter.
  7. I haven't been to the Medina gun show for quite a while. Was there still a long line to get in, or has the crowds calmed down. I remember when we could find Marlins for under $200 and they weren't beater either. I guess those days are over.

  8. Back during the 'frenzy' after Newtown(Jan, Feb, Mar),line went around the parking lot and isles inside were impossible to navigate. Today getting there about 11,plenty of parking, not much of a crowd inside. Saturday would have been worse.
  9. I have a quirky Lee Loadmaster and reload 9mm and 45 acp !
  10. OGCJason


    Oldman knows this already but for the rest, I am planning on getting into reloading.

    Calibers will include:

  11. Have you made any decisions as to what particular equipment,brass,primers,powders,bullets ?
  12. You will enjoy it a lot. I love my reloading time and then range time. Just something enjoyable about blowing away something you made. :evil:
  13. from on another forum,an e-mail reply from Hodgdon concerning elimination of some powder.

    Email I recieved when asking about 4756 being discontinued:

    Chris Hodgdon

    Yes this powder along with 4759, PB and 7625 will be discontinued by the end of 2014. I can understand that you are disappointed but there are many reasons why we are discontinuing including outdated technology, high manufacturing costs and low sales.
  14. completed my pre-winter inventory of components,totals of for 9mm,38sp,357M,40s&w,10mm,223/5.56,308/7.62.

    Primers 44,730
    Powder 19 lbs
    Brass 6526
    Bullets 7788

    still have to do a inventory of what's ready to shoot.

    inventoried ready to shoot,2,702 rds. Also 3100 rds of 22LR.
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  15. daniellawecki


    Haven't reloaded in awhile but plan to soon. My powder getting low primers are good bullets low. Still shooting some of the ammo I loaded afew years ago. After Christmas I'll start reloading everything been tumbled and bagged. Brass count couldn't even begin to count. Shooting 3-4 times a week 200-300 rds per trip I try not to think about numbers. I kept the brass in 1gal zip locked bags when loaded it moves to 6qt Sterilite Clearveiw Latch containers per caliber then stacked.
  16. OGCJason


    I'm narrowing the field for sure...the turret style drill press and a 9mm die set are for sure (probably Dillon). Like we'd already discussed, there's so much more though, and I really need to square away the garage so I can set up a bench to actually DO it too...all the equipment in the world won't amount to a hill of beans if I has to be stacked and stored indefinitely...
  17. diesel


    I bought an entire reload set up over a year ago.
    No powder or primers yet, but much brass.
    Recent bought RCBS carbide dies for .38/.357 and .44 mag.
    Now like you Jason, i must build a reloading bench.:flag:


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  18. That appears to be my problem at the moment. I just don't have the necessary space around here to put up a decent, and dedicated, loading bench and the requisite storage areas.

    If I could get rid of some of the junk that the wife has cluttering up the garage, I could commandeer a nice area out there but that's not about to happen so for the mean time, I'll just have to do more "planning" for the future.

  19. daniellawecki


    My reloading bench are Kitchen base cabinets side by side screwed together with a nice top . The drawers on the left are for primers dies and such.The right side has one door with pull out shelves for powder and other things. the top is smooth easy to wipe down. One single stage press one turret press and last but not least is the Hornady LNL with case feeder. This set up may cost more but you can find cheap cabinets at Home depot buy a cheap top there and you are ready to go.

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