Do All You Guys Reload?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by ADulay, February 9, 2012.

  1. Or am I the only one who winds up buying ammunition in bulk via the internet?

    I generally buy a few thousand rounds at a time to get the free shipping deals and as long as the bottom line bullet cost beats my local Wal-Mart, I figure I'm getting a good deal.

    I've got a favorite that I've been using with good results but don't want to post the link.

    If there's an appropriate thread for things like that, I'll do it there.

    For the time being, I'm not a reloader so all of my ammo is purchased online and in bulk.

    It's kind of amusing to watch the swings in prices on the different calibers as guns come into and out of fashion.

    Who would have thought that .45ACP would ever be cheaper than .380 ????


    PS My UPS guy says he's marked my house as "Do Not Rob" on a notepad in his truck.
  2. I am sure there are more people that do not reload AD. My dad and I buy in bulk as well but I reload more then he does so I get a lot of brass.

    When he does buy he usually buys 1000 rounds at a time minimum to take advantage of the shipping deal.

    If you want to post the link you are always welcome to here as well as the links directory at the top of the page.

    I agree, I am also surprised that .45ACP is that cheap. I do have a cheap .380 Auto but I do not reload for it, it's the only one I do not.

    I reload, 9mm, .38/.357mag, .40, .45acp, .223, .308, 30-06, 12 Gauge ;) I have AMPLE supplies of loaded ammo and plenty of components to support my habit too. My wife always tells me the house will never catch fire, just explode. LMAO
  3. While I have considered it, I do not reload. With my job and my responsibilities to the Church and family I'm already limited on the time I have to shoot and pursue other areas of my hobby. I've found that by shopping around and watching the sales ads I can get my range ammo at reasonable prices. I generally stock up whan I can find it cheap. If they have a limit per person per day I will take someone with me and/or return each day until I get enough on hand, they run out of ammo or the sale expires.

    As far as carry ammo goes, I like to get enough to make sure it works in my gun then keep enough on hand to fill my carry mags. I've heard some people state that I should always practice with my carry ammo because different ammo can have an effect on your point of impact. While this may be a factor in long guns, I don't see it being as critical in hand guns at the typical self defense ranges between 7 & 15 yards. At these distances a fraction of an inch isn't going to be less of a deterent for anyone on the recieving end of whatever I may be carrying on that particular day. While I will occasionally practice up to 50 yards with my handgun, one would have a difficult time explaining to an LEO why they chose to engage rather than evade when they had that much distance between them and the threat.
  4. forrest r

    forrest r

    It's the only way I can afford the volume of shooting that I try to do every year. The other nice thing about reloading is the quality of the ammo. The reloads are tailor made for that revolver/pistol/rifle with accuracy, function/reliability & the use of special purpose bullets being the protocol for the different loads.
  5. Me too. I generally buy two or three 20 round boxes of the ammo I'm going to use for defensive stuff (daily carry).

    I shoot ten rounds of it and the rest gets loaded into two magazines and any remaining stays in the boxes on the shelf so I know what to reorder (or purchase when I'm in a good mood) passing through the gun shop.

    I have not noticed any appreciable difference in patterns out to at least 10 yards and with a few shots at 15, just "to make sure".


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