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  1. forrest r

    forrest r

    I picked up a 4 cavity lyman mold 429421, I used to shoot them all the time & sold the mold a couple of years back. I was going to get out of the 44 business all together but ran across a couple of deals that I couldn't pass up.

    429421-1.jpg 429421-2.jpg

    I made up some test loads & just need a break in the weather to send them down range. The loads I'm tring are nothing hot, 900fps to 1050 fps range.
  2. WOW! A little casting? 40lb worth is quite a bite of casting. I've been looking at getting into casting for my 44 lever action. Let me know how those work out for you. I just might have to do some searching and get casting on those as well.
  3. forrest r

    forrest r

    I had a marlin 1895 in 44mag back in the late 80's/early 90's with the micro-groove bbl. I used to shoot the same bullet in it, fed ok/no jams but I couldn't drive them very had due to the oversized bore of the micro-grooved bbl. They come a long way with molds now & have them in 432 & 434 rather than mine 429 that casts bullets at .4295 with range lead/hill pickings/scrap lead/everything but the kitchen sink.

    I believe the 432 molds are for the tighter bbl'd micro-grooves & the oversized cylinders on some revolvers. And the 434 molds ar for the micro-groove bbl's.

    I did test loads for 2 different pistols today, a S&W 629 classic & a contender with a 10" bbl. Used 4 different powders & shot test groups @50ft from a bench. I shot 6shot groups with the S&W and 5shot groups with the contender. The only loads that will be retested are loads that produced groups with all bullets touching.

    The S&W shot groups with all bullets touching with 5.0g & 6.5g of international clays, 7.5g of bullseye and 5.5g of clays. The contender shot groups with all bullets touching with 7.5g of bullseye & 6.5g of HP-38.

    I'll be retesting the 7.5g of bullseye, 6.5g of international clays & the 6.5g of HP-38 in both pistols @ 25yds & 10 shot groups next. And I'll put a scope on the contender for the 25yd tests.

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