Dems sponsor bill for 20% tax on guns, 50% on ammo

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  1. Two Democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation that would impose a hefty tax on firearm sales, and an even greater one on sales of ammunition.

    H.R. 3018, “The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act of 2013,†was proposed by U.S. Reps. Danny K. Davis, D-Ill., and Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the excise tax and special occupational tax in respect of firearms and to increase the transfer tax on any other weapon, and for other purposes,†according to the bill’s preamble.

    The legislation would impose a 20 percent tax on “(A) Pistols, (B) Revolvers, (C) Firearms (other than pistols and revolvers), and (D) Any lower frame or receiver for a firearm, whether for a semiautomatic pistol, rifle, or shotgun that is designed to accommodate interchangeable upper receivers.â€

    The bill would also impose a 50 percent tax on “Shells and cartridges.â€
  2. rebel_son


    If the dems want to make this law I think they should all have to spend 1 week in downtown detroit with no security and no guns.

    At a min they will quit fooling with our guns. They might also get more conservative. Not that I condone it, but if someone like Nancy Pelosi had to live in Detroit for a week I think she would join the kkk women's movement of whatever they have for women.
  3. BuckJM53


    While it likely has no chance of passing in the GOP controlled house, I'm never surprised when the left seeks to "tax out of existence" those things that they cannot ban outright.
  4. In reality, this will obviously fall by the wayside, like most of this silly stuff, but at least they can say "I did something".

    It doesn't matter that it was stupid, they did something and can crow about it.

    Also, if they REALLY want to get creative, there's no need to tax the bullets (finished cartridges) as the reloaders will all gloat and think they are off the hook.

    But then some really slimeball DEM will come up with "Hey, let's tax the PRIMERS! Not just at the consumer side, let's tax primers from the factory to the commercial cartridge makers AND the public reloaders!

    Woo-Hoo, we can hit them twice with this one.

    Once they start getting creative, there's no end to it. Put a surcharge on shipping ammo (safety you know), add a safety tax on ANYONE who handles the ammunition or components. Hey, it's for the safety of the children, you know. (Where's that "puke" icon?)

    Put surcharges on anything dealing with ammuniton from brass (new and recycled), lead, primers, powder, shipping charges (safety again) and of course, the old standby of ammunition registration at the point of purchase.

    It just never ends and they'll keep trying until after we're all dead. If they didn't go after us with such a vengeance, they might actually get something useful done in Washington and we know that's not going to happen. You evidently don't get your face in the media for just doing your job, you know, the one your voters elected you to do! What a concept.

    Hmm, once again I seem to have drifted way off topic. Sorry. Politicians and their antics do that to me.

    AD (maybe I should just shut up for now)
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  6. HaileyG


    Cook Region, Illinois, which is mainly the city of Chicago, has proposed a bullet tax to secure more funding in the fight against crime and to beat back a $100 million spending budget deficit. The tax recalls a stand-up routine by comic Chris Rock, who suggested making bullets astronomically expensive, which would drastically reduce the amount of shootings. Get an installment loan for your bullets right now before they get expensive.
  7. diesel


    Like AD said, just more political grandstanding from a few who are isolated in their own little worlds(such as the Emanuel led Detroit.)
    The good thing about these boneheads is they seem to forget the rest of the state. All of the working stiffs, the farmers, and the joe six-packs like us.
    Political suicide, just watch and see. Just like the recall in Colorado, plain folks are getting tired of the nonsensical bullshit coming out of Washington and it's about time.:rofl:

    Like I said about the AR's last winter, you won't be able to give them away once the hype dies down. This has become a reality.....just as the ousting of these lost politicos will be.:flag:

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