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damn turkey


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January 26, 2012
Went turkey hunting this morning with my 22 year old neighbor boy. Sat in the rain for the first hour and a half....miserable.
Suddenly, like an MGM movie, the rain stopped and the sun shined brightly. We picked up our stuff and moved to a location 5 or 6 hundred yards up the hill. Again an hour and a half later, nothing.
About 9:30, I was dozing and thinking of breakfast, (I was starve' n) fix'in to go down the hill and make it, when I heard a faint gobble of to my west. Now i'm on the crest of a 100 ft. deep creek channel and visibility is limited. I hit the hen call as loud as I could.
Magic.......he answered with an enthusiastic gobble. "Great," i'm thinking. After 20 minutes and several more calls and gobbles, each one closer than the last......he was come'n like a freight train.
Then earth shattering SILENCE. Where did he go? What happened? He was no more than 75 yards out? :confused:
BANG... from 150 yds up the hill. Yup, my little friend, the neighbor boy fired 2 quick shots with the 16 g. double that I sold him last fall.
Congrats to the neighbor.
A very nice 19.9 pounder with no beard. :clap:
Springtime with a gun in my hands doing what I love best!! :flag:

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March 24, 2013
Nothing like hunting and just being outside. Looks like you both enjoyed yourself again another great post by diesel.