Criminials using the Media

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  1. Convicted rapist organizes gun control demonstration at Dayton gun show; Media fails to note his sex offender status

    WHIO-TV (CBS Dayton) admits awareness of anti-gun protestor's status as a convicted rapist; Other news outlets remain silent

    WHIO-TV's excuse for quoting rapist-for-gun-control fizzles as Sheriff Plummer reveals he is NOT a Adam Project board member

    Have you heard of Jerome McCorry or The Adams Project which he claims to be president of the organization. :uhoh:

    From Article;
    The Adam Project's website lists its address as 1426 Home Ave., Dayton - the same address as Rapist-and-Convicted-Felon Jerome McCorry. Yeah you read that correctly a convicted rapist and convicted felon, adovcating controlled access to guns by private citizens. Now why would he do that, what could possibly be his motive for that kind of action. :mad:

    Many have been asking Dayton media outlets why they have given legitimacy to this rapist's calls for potential crime victims to be disarmed. While neither WKEF nor the Dayton Daily News have responded, Dayton blogger "Domestic Debacle" did receive a response from WHIO, in which they admitted that they were aware of McCorry's status as a sex offender, yet failed to report it.

    According to WHIO, they didn't report on McCorry's "controversial" status as a convicted rapist because, these days, his message is one of "community harmony through peace and non-violence." WHIO also noted that the sex offender "has the endorsement of respected law enforcement leaders."

    A reader of the Dayton blog "Domestic Debacle," and self-described poster on Buckeye Firearms Association's forums, decided to try and find out what "respected law enforcement leaders'" "endorsement" WHIO was hiding behind. He took a look at The Adam Project's Facebook page, and noted that both Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer and his Chief Deputy, Scot Landis are listed as board members.

    We, of course, reported on the listing, asking why these men would be serving on the board of an anti-gun organization that is headed by a convicted rapist. Several hours later, we had our answer - THEY AREN'T. :mad:

    Sheriff Plummer called to let us know that he resigned from the board of the Adam Project three years ago. He was unaware that he was (and is) still listed as a board member on the Adam Project Facebook page. He assured Buckeye Firearms Association that he in no way supports The Adam Project and convicted rapist Jerome McCorry's anti-gun agenda. :banghead:

    From the Attorney General's

    JEROME NMN McCORRY Registration #: 32198
    Aliases: Jerome Jordan

    Physical Description
    • Age: 62 (DOB: 02/11/1950)
    • Height: 6'01''
    • Sex: M
    • Weight: 280lbs
    • Race: Afr Amer
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black
    • Scars/Tattoos: Scar on abdomen (right side)

    1426 HOME AVE DAYTON, OH 45402-8203

    • Description: 2907.02 - Rape
    • Date Convicted:
    • Conviction State: Ohio
    • Date Released:
    • Details: (Pre AWA) Sexually Oriented Offender

    It seems to me that it doesn't matter who you are as long as the message is in line with the liberal agenda. What is it going to take for the public to wake up and realize everything is against them except a gun, a gun can be controlled by the handler and it will not do anything the handler doesn't want it to do. Point, Aim, no it will not fire on its own.
  2. All I can say is WOW! But this does not surprise me in the least.

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