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coyote ills


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January 26, 2012
Help guys! I seem to have developed a coyote problem.
North of my property, and attached, is an old lime stone quarry. Now most would be happy with this as there are many game species in residence there, but the coyotes have moved in. They've decimated my turkey population and are starting on the dear, not to mention small game like rabbits and grouse.

To shorten this story, I've sold my Olympic AR and am planning to use the money for a varmint rifle. I like a .223 Ruger bolt but I've been hearing a lot about a new .17 cal. center fire.
Which would you choose or what else do you recommend? Can any of you expand on what little I know about this new .17 WMS?

Now I need to get the okay from the quarry owner to kill some of these coyotes. He should be happy to give it as he raises black angus cattle and 4-H lambs all around the quarry. What land he doesn't own, he leases. Wish me luck. :flag::flag:
October 24, 2013
I like the 223 myself...if you're accurate to within 12 inches or so, coyotes are toast. If you want some help clearing 'em out, just let me know! :)
March 24, 2013
The 17HMR is ok out to 150yrds on game smaller then yotes I opt for a good old savage bolt gun. You,ll have a gun that'll knock them dead. Plus the cost of ammo is about 14.00 per 50yrds 17HMR. Not really a big fan of 17HMR.:banghead:
December 23, 2012
.17 WSM is a rimfire cartridge with an 'advertised' velocity of 3000fps with the 20grain projectile. Don't know anything about the .17HMR.
What are the expected distances and wind conditions,a 20grain projectile will shed velocity fast and because of its' lightness will drift in a crosswind.
How available and expensive is the ammo. reloadable-no. Will you be able to use it for anything else ? If you get a .17,will you always be saying 'I should gotten a 223 ?
I had a Reminton 700BDL in 17Rem. Had it from the late 70s' for about 30 years then sold it. With the factory PowerLokt 25grain ammo,keeping 3" at 300 yards was consistent.As a handloader,I never really found a load to give the consistent accuracy of the factory load,even when using Remington 25 grain PowerLokt bullets. Even thou it was 4000/4100 fps,I didn't dare shoot in a crosswind at the range. At 200 yards,the bullets were 'explosive'. It was a fun gun with very light recoil. My daughter,at age 9,had no problem destroying un-opened pop cans at 100yds. She learned it was one shot one kill.
Because the bore is so small,rifling lands are also smaller and very susceptible to'fouling'. If bore wasn't cleaned after a certain number of shots, bullets would not be rotating as they should and would go thru targets sideways(keyholing). Specialized brushes and rod.

bullet entrance and no exit
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