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    County Sheriff America's Last Hope by Casie Randolph - GoFundMe

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    Many of us are concerned about new legislation that would further limit our second amendment rights. We've called our representatives, sent letters, organized rallies, and have tried to educate others. Now I believe it is time we reach out to every elected county sheriff in Ohio. Sheriffs around our country are already standing up for our rights. Sheriff Richard Mack did so with success during the Clinton ban. Let's remind our Ohio Sheriff's of their authority. I propose we raise enough money to send all 88 of our sheriffs, Sheriff Richard Mack's book, County Sheriff America's last hope. There are 88 counties in the state of Ohio. Which makes the total for all the books, $604.00 shipping on these books to my home is free. I'm not sure what the shipping cost to ship out 88 packages is. Since the books is really small I think I can send it like a letter with two stamps. So, I am going to estimate the cost a dollar a book. Making the grand total of what we need to raise $692.000. Here is a link to Sheriff Mack's website so you can find out who he is, and what his book is all about. Sheriff Richard Mack
    If you believe we need no more gun control please donate! We can make this happen! Please share this donation page with your friends and family!!

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