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  1. I was wanting some opinions. Here is my recipe for reloading some 9mm ammo. Actually I have reloaded 25 rounds this way so far. They always say if you are new to reloading, start at the minimum side and work up from there.
    Recipe is: 9mm, 115gr RN Plated bullets
    CCI Primers, Hodgdon HP-38 powder ( was told to use LRN) recipe)
    .43 minimum charge & .48 maximum charge
    I have a Lee Pro 1000 with the disks for powder flow. Anyway the 25 loads I did have .41gr
    In them. Will that be okay, or should I shoot for higher grain amount.

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  2. daniellawecki


    I Don't know much about lee Dics loading but you are under min load are these used in an autoloader? They may not cycle the action. I try to start as a rule a couple of tenths above min charge.My first loads with Clays in my 45 acp would not cycle the action after farther testing I was near max. So try to at least try to begin at min any way.
  3. Yea, I will be taking them apart and reloading from 4.1 to 4.5grs

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  4. when I reload for pistols,I typically do 10 test loads at a time,when I reach a point that those 10 have good function,I use anything above those 10 as minimum load.
    As an example.and this has nothing to do with any caliber,cartridge,powder,bullet weight,just an example.
    5.0-7 of the 10 functioned
    5.2-9 of the 10 functioned
    5.4-all 10 functioned
    5.6-use as minimum

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