Colorado GOP gun bill puts onus on businesses that restrict carry

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  1. The latest gun bill from Republican lawmakers would require business owners to allow concealed-carry permit holders to pack heat or else provide one security officer for every 50 customers and face increased liability.

    Sen. Kent Lambert of Colorado Springs said his bill, expected to be introduced Wednesday, is aimed at public-access private property, such as a mall. He mentioned the shooting inside an Aurora movie theater in July where 12 people died and 70 were injured.

    "If businesses don't allow people to defend themselves it puts the onus on them to provide security for their customers," he said.
    Rep. Beth McCann, D-Denver, said she hasn't seen the bill but is surprised by the concept.

    "Normally we see a pro-business approach from Republicans," she said. "I don't think it's fair to
    make businesses carry this kind of burden."

    Lambert said there is no burden to businesses that allow customers to defend themselves.

    The measure, sponsored in the House by Rep. Lori Saine, R-Dacono, is one of a slew of gun bills that Colorado lawmakers in both parties will introduce this legislative session.

    The debate mirrors a national discussion, prompted by the shooting in Aurora and the death of 20 children at a Newtown, Conn., school last month.
    The gun debate in Colorado has been impacted by the November election when Democrats regained control of the state House and kept control of the Senate. During the past two years, gun bills that passed one chamber typically died in the next.

    This time around, Republican gun bills are likely to face resistance, while Democratic measures will have an easier time.

    But even if Republican gun bills die, it's important to introduce them, said Rep. Justin Everett, R-Littleton, who is carrying the "Make My Day Better" bill, which has failed seven years in a row.

    "As Republicans, we need to show we're not just the loyal opposition voting 'no' on all the anti-gun bills," he said. "We need to put forward some good legislation that will protect our citizens."

    His measure, House Bill 1048, would allow workplace employees to use deadly force if necessary.

    Another Republican measure, Senate Bill 9, allows school boards to adopt a written policy to allow employees with valid concealed-carry cards to have a handgun on school grounds.

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  2. If a business is going to refuse you the right to protect yourself then it is only right that they be responsible to protect you if you choose to do business there.
    This is what is called common sense legilation. Not what is being promoted as common sense legislation by or federal government. :banghead:
  3. diesel


    I like it a lot, Wolf. I'd like to see Ohio do the same as well as many other states with the balls to do it.:flag:

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