Cleaning and polishing brass

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  1. Another question that I have is, is there anything that I can add to my walnut shells in the vibrating tumbler to polish my brass? I am using 24 grit walnut shells clean them. Coming out pretty clean, but want to polish also. Any tricks? Hate to have to use walnut shells to clean, then have to change everything and reload tumbler with corncob .

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  2. what amount of time do you use for your current process ?
  3. I ran them about 4hrs +

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  4. I, typically, start a batch in the evening and then check its' thoroughness the following day. Sometimes I'll run a batch for 2,3 days.
  5. I use stainless steel media in a wet process and that gets the brass just about like new clean including the primer pockets. I don't even use my dry media anymore.
  6. tell me about the stainless steel media wet process ! Need to learn !
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  8. Thanks !
    A lot like lapidary tumbling of which there are 2 types wet vibrasonic and wet rotating tumbling.

    watched a youtube video about using a Harbor Freight tumbler and the 2lb media refresher pak. I've got a lapidary rotary tumbler,now to get some SS media.
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  9. I bought a tumbler at Harbor Saturday at Harbor Freight for 55.99, and with a 25 percent coupon, it cost me around 42.00. They also carry a 25lb box of crushed walnut media in fine 24 grit or 12 grit course for $24.99, and I had another 25 percent off coupon, so that was around 19. So I think I did pretty good. The tumbler is a vibrating tumbler with a 5lb capacity. I tumbled about 200 casings for about 4-6 hours and thought that they could look a little better, so I emptied the casings out of the tumbler, put some Flitz in the media and ran it about 15 minutes, put the casings back in, and ran them overnight and they look great today. If I run another couple hundred should I add some more Flitz before I put in the brass? Also, anyone thinking of buying one of these tumblers, I would say that you probably could put 3 times the amount of brass in it that I did.

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  10. this one ?
    the 5lb Metal vibrator tumbler # 67617 $99.99 On Sale for 55.99
  11. That would be the one!

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