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Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events


November 25, 2012
I had the chance to attend one of the "Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events". I have to say it was handled very well by the Franklin County Sherriff's department. It lasted about 3 hours and they were happy to stick around and answer any questions that people had. The only questions that they would not answer had to do with conceal carry scenarios. If you have the chance to attend one of these classes I would highly recommend it.

From my understanding these classes are being held in several states around the country. It is a completely different direction then what we have seen in the past. The typical approach would have been to run or hide, but DO NOT engage the shooter. The approach they teach now is to run or hide but do not become a statistic. Attack the shooter if at all possible. They pointed out that the shooters have changed their reason for the attacks. It is no longer because they are mad and want something. Their intent is to only kill people and of course be on TV as they do it. So hiding or being docile will not save your life.

The classes are starting a very interesting movement in the work environment too. I work at a very large utility that does not allow concealed carry or weapons of any kind on the property. Interestingly enough, the are bringing these classes into the company for the employees to attend. I have long said that denying a person the ability to protect themselves by carrying a gun. Opens the company up for a law suit if something happens. If they deny me the right to protect myself, then are they assuming the liability of protecting me. I am sure we will see this in court soon enough.

Like I said earlier, if you have the chance to attend a class. I am sure you will enjoy it.



March 10, 2014
We had one of these at work not to long ago put on by the Toledo city police department. Was really interesting but they didn't really stick around and answering any questions, especially in regards to Ohio CCW Permit Holders and the such.