Changing Thoughts On IWB Holsters

Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by BuckJM53, August 4, 2013.

  1. BuckJM53


    How have (or have) your thoughts changed on CCW holsters? While my IWB holster of choice (for all my carry pistols) as been CB Supertuck since 2006, I decided recently (for a variety of reasons) to consider a smaller single clip leather alternative. Since I also have a Hume JIT slide for OWB carry for each of my carry pistols (and have been pleased with them) I decided to try out a Hume 715 M for my 1911 Micro-compact. After carrying it daily for the past couple of weeks, I must admit that it has exceeded my expectations for quality, comfort, retention, concealment and drawing/re-holstering. More specifically:

    1. While I'm not a leather expert, I have handled many holsters over the years, and the Hume leather and stitching (while not the best of the best) seems to be at least as good as many holsters costing significantly more.
    2. The design/molding was a perfect fit for my pistol from day one.
    3. The retention is very good but not overly aggressive.
    4. The overall design and reinforcement strap at the top allows for easy draw and re-holstering.
    5. The belt clip is positive locking and has stayed firmly in place regardless of my activities. It also works well with both dress and casual belts.
    6. It also conceals reasonably well as demonstrated in the pictures below.

    All in all, it was a pleasant surprise and well worth the $30.00 spent. I will soon be purchasing another for my CZ RAMI.



  2. A quick question.

    Have you tried a draw and fire from concealment with that setup?

    How does it compare against your SuperTuck for time to draw to presentation or shot on target?

  3. BuckJM53


    AD ... Great question. The very first thing that I did after I got it home was to head to the basement for some drawing exercises from under my typical cover clothing. Since I carry it in the exact same location as my supertuck, I found no perceptible difference in time or draw stroke between the two. I gave it a good live fire shake down at the range this morning as well and was very pleased with the results :)

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