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  1. If you are a licensed CCW Instructor for the state of Ohio and would like your information posted here please PM me with the following information:

    Company Name (If any)
    Full Address
    Dates & Times

    Website and/or other information

    If I've missed any need information please let me know and I will update the sticky.

    Thank you,


    Castle Defense Firearms Training LLC
    Jeffrey Adkins

    Full Address:
    6646 Johnson Road
    North Lewisburg, 43060

    Location: Training at West Mansfield Conservation Club West Mansfield, Oh

    Dates & Times: December 8, 2012 Generally 1st Saturday of each month (8am- 8pm)

    Cost: $100

    Website and/or other information:

    NRA Certified Trainer
    Basic Pistol
    Personal Protection in the Home
    LTC,Retired 29 Years US Army

    Intrepid Tactics
    Christopher DeLong & Steven Loos

    Full Address:

    TBD, depends on demand of class and class size. Will normally be conducted in Columbus or the surrounding areas.

    Location: Columbus, Ohio

    Dates & Times: Usually once on the 1st Saturday of every month. 7AM-7PM.

    Cost: $85 a person

    Facebook Page:
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