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  1. Any recomendations on case lube,mostly for rifle.i've tried them all and can't find a favorite. Tired of the mess and hassle so i'm looking for a nice easy spray on. Heard good and bad about hornady one shot,so i'm a little skepticle.any suggestions thanks
  2. Personally I just use a universal case lube die and RCBS case lube II. Works very well and removes the spent primer in the same process.
  3. rjrivero


    Make your own. Lanolin dissolved in isopropyl alcohol 1:12. You can get the Lanolin from health food stores. You can get the >90% Isopropyl Alcohol from Walgreens. Make sure it's >90% in order to dissolve the lanolin. You can then put it through a spray bottle.

    This is the stuff that is in Dillon's Spray Lube.

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