Call Senators to keep Reid from gutting fillibuster

Discussion in 'General Political Discussion' started by rebel_son, January 22, 2013.

  1. rebel_son


    Origionally posted on a forum that likes to censor my comments

    Ok, I am going to try give facts here and my opinion and not make the mods work to hard.

    1, Harry Reid is trying to limit the fillibuster so he can impliment the obama agenda, much of which is not-popular with americans and a super majority of americans who contribute tax dollars.

    2, If Harry reid is to gut the fillubuster it means that anything Obama wants to do can get throught the senate, even if most people dont want if if he make make the other democrats fall in line

    3, if for some reason democrats take back the house in 2014 a ban on mags over 10 rounds would most likely happen as would an assault weapons ban. Some had said for some time obama was after our guns and others are just now realizing this. THIS IS REAL and could happen.

    4, The fillibuster almost stopped the very unpopular obamcare and has also stopped amnesty for illegal immigrants, who when made legal I think most of us can agree by voting patterns they wont be voting for the party that tends to be more supportive of gun rights in modern times.

    5, Harry Reid, Obama, and Biden were throwing a fit when repubs were debating doing this and I did not agree with it when repubs did it. This is not being done to help america but to force the obama agenda through.

    I would encourage people to call senators if they have time and tell them to vote no. I think Brown will vote with Obama lock step and barrel. I think the best chance to stop this is to focus on Democrats in areas that Obama is not very popular in Like Montana, South Dakota, Louisianan, West Virginia, and Arkansas who are up for re-election this year. Make it clear that a vote to gut the fillibuster is a vote for the Obama agenda. You cant vote to gut the fillubuster and then come back and say "I voted against the gun grab". No you did not, by voting to gut the fillibuster these Obama lovers know what can happen on both amensty and gun grabs.

    There are people who dont like the fillibuster. I understand and I can agree, but I dont want to lose our freedoms over a point. Maybe fix it when the country is not as bitterly divided as it has been since 2008.

    Between our guns and illegal invaders taking over the country we need to keep this fillibuster.

    Thanks for Reading

    God bless and God Bless America
  2. diesel


    Dirty Harry is a very confused man. He wants to eliminate the filibuster, yet he has an "A" rating from the NRA. You can look that up. Just another mentally irregular liberal in my opinion.:flag:
  3. rebel_son


    That is why lots of people in the gun world are a little ticked at the NRA at times.

    One thing that happened with obama is lots of gun owners said "he has not gone after our guns". People need to not just worry about what has been done, but what the intentions are. I knew before he was elected he was after our guns. The NRA needs to equate gutting the fillibuster to taking our guns

    To Reid and people like him

    You stand with america or that ( readers choice) obama.

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