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  1. What caliber or calibers do you carry for self defense? I carry 10mm mostly or .45acp. So what do you personally fell good about carrying?
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    I carry an ACP as well. When i'm not, i carry a .357Mag, don't trust the lighter cals.:flag:
  3. I personally carry a Kimber .45ACP daily when out and about with 2 extra mags. Anything else I carry is sometimes a 9mm XD or .40 XD. Just something about the .45 that just feels right to carry.
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    I used to be part of the bigger is better crowd. With current bullet design, I don't feel under-gunned with a 9mm in a holster on my side. I have met many instructors who are giving the edge to capacity over caliber because of the increasing number of multiple attacker events happening.
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    Someone posted a video a month or so ago that showed a doctor talking bullet penetration. No doubt about it,(according to the video) the 9mm and the .40 just don't penetrate. Even the .45 did not exit the victim.
    Being a life long deer hunter, give me those exit wounds,(.357Mag, .44Mag) your target will bleed out(expire) much, much faster.
    If one were to hit center mass with a magnum, the bad guy is going down fast and i don't believe it likely that he would be able to get off a shot after that hit.
    And remember, all the capacity in the world means little if one can't hit what they are aimming at.:flag:
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  6. 10mm baby, 10-15 rounds of near .41mag ballistics and you got the best of both worlds.:thumbs:
  7. For over 100 years, the standard of defence has been the .45ACP cartridge.

    And although the current basic "world" standard appears to be the traditional 9mm in both major sizes, I'll just have to defer to the greatness of the American "standard".

    Yes, the .45ACP is my daily carry.

    With that said, I would have no problems carrying the .40 or the 9mm should my regular carry not be available for some reason.


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    Okay guys, i surrender. Looks like a beat down from the auto guys...LOL.:bow: I like the put down power of the mags.
    Like the Colt post says, "Go big or go home.":flag:
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    An aught six will generally do whatever one asks of it. My favorite rifle cal.
    I own a fine example in Rem. 760, one of my top 3 favorite rifles.

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  11. Nice rifle. You can reload the 30-06 in so many ways it's something I've thought about in a larger caliber for possible Bigfoot sightings:dumb:
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    LOL...if you go bigfoot hunt'n, can i come? I been looking to meet some of my wifes family.:lol: :flag:
  13. My all time favorite is 45ACP,but I'm currently carrying a 40S&W.My 45 is getting a little heavy lately and I like the lighter feel of the 40[Glock23]175 grain hornady critical duty load.If I only had one gun though it would be a 1911
  14. I use to carry a 9mm but after shooting a steel match and had problems knocking down the targets I now carry a 40S&W
  15. I never really thought about it that way. :)
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    I'm going to catch hell for this, but i never thought the 9mm(or .40 for that matter) had quite enough knock-down power.:D
    Okay auto guys, kick the stuff'n out o me!:rofl:

    In most of the states that allow handgun hunting for deer, one must use a straight walled cartridge with a minimum calibur of .357Mag. :notlooking: I'm pretty sure that has everything to do with knock-down power.:flag:
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  17. I'll say it again, 10mm. It has the knockdown and the extra rounds that .45 doesn't give you. Handload and have some real nice rounds.
  18. Didn't the FBI go to the .40 cal from the 10mm because of over penetration? The .40 is essentially the same just a lighter load.

    P.S. You can keep your stuff'n Diesel, for now. LOL
  19. No they stopped using it because some of the smaller framed agents could not handle the recoil. a hot loaded 10mm can generate over 700ft.lbs at the muzzle. I think the .45acp is mid 400#. And you can shoot the milder .40 with a barrel conversion on a glock.
  20. Ahh, ok. I could not remember specifically what the issue was.

    Even though I am not a real Glock fan that would be a nice piece to have with the conversion barrel.

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