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  1. diesel


    Went to cabelas in West by God Virginny, Sat. morning to pick up my new Rem. 700 ADL. Couldn't believe the 1-2 hundred people standing in line outside the door 1/2 hour after they opened.
    They had "Blazer" .22's on sale for $23 a box (of 500) so the folks were lined up for that reason.
    Anyway, after standing in line for another hour + a half, I finally got to see the rifle, only to get sent to another area of the store to pay for it and do the background check.
    Of course, the girl made a mistake on the app. (info I asked her not to change) and had to wait around another half hour.
    I love the rifle but, will NEVER go thru the cabelas deal again!:mad: :flag:
  2. How about a picture of that fine riffle.
  3. Now that you got a 22-250 (from the other thread you said you always wanted one),do you still have to acquire brass and dies ? What scope you gonna put on it ? Oh yea, like previous post,a pic !
  4. diesel

    diesel brass but do have the dies. Right now my buddy has them as I didn't have a .22/250, I have to get them back.
    My same buddy has a Bushnell 6.5x18x50mm for $125. He also has the mount and rings so I will probably bye those from him as well.
    I did bye 3 boxes of American Eagle ammo for it. I believe these are a cheaper or factory reloaded Federal product???:flag:

    Heres a quicky pic;
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  5. that 26" barrel is so long it doesn't even fit in the pic !
  6. diesel


    I hear ya! It's damn front heavy, too.:flag:

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