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  1. I have some 9mm and some 40 once fired anyone in need. I can't remember how much of each but it's free. Send a PM to me and what you want both or one of.
  2. PrepperTraining


    Ooooohhhh, I just picked up a .40...
  3. Prepper Training gets the brass 1st to reply thru out the year I'll be giving things out for FREE. So the next time I post FREE it comes to your door on my dime.
  4. Dave Shooter

    Dave Shooter

    Mighty generous of you!
  5. Thank-you later this summer it will be a reloading press by Lee and other things. Hand held priming tool and powder measure. These will all be shipped on my dime FREE So stay tuned.
  6. The brass package weighed in at 16.60 lbs . I'm a shooter and a sportsman my life now is to help people and share this great shooting adventure. I've never seen a Brinks truck in a funeral so you can.t take it with you. Your wealth is not in money but the people you help and the friends you make on the way.:flag:::)
  7. OK the sale is over but just came across this today. WWW. Everglades Ammo. Com Brass & Bullets this is up your alley oldman10mm
  8. Today my shooting buddy Howard stopped by. In my giving away and helping people out my reward came. He stopped by and gave me a 1lb of 231 - 1lb of h110 reached in my pocket for same money he wouldn't take it. So help a shooting buddy help a neighbor or a coworker down the road it will pay forward in one way or another.
  9. always does among the good ones.
  10. Estate sale there was 9mm 40cal 30/06 38special all once fired I told my friend to buy all. All the good stuff was gone guns reloading no molds for casting or melting pots.
  11. Today I ran into Frank at the club. We been shooting a lot on Sundays. So he knows I have a 41mag and it's unfired. So today he gave me 41 mag factory ammo. Sunday I'm trading 9mm brass for 41mag dies and cast bullets. There's a lot of good people in the shooting world. As I said before in a post later this fall A three hole Lee turret press will be given away. Shipping will be on me. So do something good this year and help someone in the shooting game.
  12. Yesterday went to shoot my Colt 1911. Got signed in and was walking to my trunk a shooter walked up and ask if I reload? I replied with a yes and he asked if I reload .223 and I said next month I'll be reloading .223. So he sent his boy back to the shooting tables and he brought back brass. To my surprise it was all once fired UMC all 150. So I offered something for them and he said it was free. So I thanked him and we introduced yourselves as I have never seen him before. His son was with him and we all talked for awhile. You meet DAMN NICE people at gun shows - gun clubs and car shows. So as soon as I sex up the three hole Lee turret press it will go to someone who could use it or pass it on to someone who is just starting out. As always this will ship free to your door. So if each of us help someone life will be as smooth as glass so Please Pass this on in your everyday life.:)

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