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Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by TheRightMonkey, December 30, 2012.

  1. I just bought a New Frontier stripped lower. I have watched the stress tests and it looks good. If nothing else I now have an investment if things do go sideways with this anti-gun bill. Paid $79 + shipping. Not a bad deal. Pretty sure this will keep me busy/crazy/broke over the next few weeks anyhow :banghead:
    BTW the lowers are in stock on New Frontier's website.
  2. Welcome to the broke crowd. LOL

    I am sure you'll enjoy your build as much I have been enjoying mine.
  3. MikeH121


    The new range in Blue Ash has Troy Battlemags, 30 rds for 17.00 and they have some in stock got me 1 today. 1 per customer. Also grabbed a Swamp Fox end plate sling adapter for 7.95.

    They were completely out of AR's. They had 2 complete upper assemblies with BCG's for 650.00 and 689.00. They did have 4 STAG exec survival kits. A case, a complete AR with mags a knife MRE's lights, scopes retail for 2500.00. They are all 4 gone.

    Just seen a pic on TTAG's site, a STAG stripped lower going for 600.00. That is more like a CTD gouge price.

    The Sling adapter is already installed. :D This thing has become some kind of obsession.

    Don't know if I posted this link yet: Products - Doroftei Industries

    And ATI has a 49 dollar stripped Poly lower ATI Introduces the Omni Multi-Caliber Polymer AR15 Lower - Just $49.95
  4. rebel_son


    I bought an American tactical polymer lower that was a complete lower with the stock and all about two months before election day.

    I was really nervous about it, but my buddy, who is an ffl, assured me people have been doing good things with the polymer. Well I also bought a DPMS upper with a bull barrel. I think it was less than $500 for the build and it kicks a$$. You can hardly feel the difference in the lower becuase of the extra weight of hte barrel and the trigger pull is real sweet. I actually like this ar15 better than my Stag model 2
  5. I wish I was reporting the same. Right now BCG are going for $300-$400 a piece let alone trying to find them in stock anywhere. I have my PSA lower all completed, I am working on a stripped upper right now and that is back ordered until February 7th now as of last update.

    I have been thinking about getting a polymer lower as well for a third build but hell I cannot complete my second one. :cuss:

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