Blowout .... In My Trunk ???

Discussion in 'Off Topic Room' started by BuckJM53, December 15, 2016.

  1. BuckJM53


    While in my nearly 50 years of driving I thought that I had experienced most every type of tire blowout imaginable at one time or another, I guess I missed one. Recently as I was rolling down the interstate (listening to some of my favorite jazz tunes :)) I heard a loud pop from the rear of my car. My initial thought was of course was I had blown a rear tire, but realized quickly that it wasn't the case as it wasn't followed by the rear end "wobble" and "thump thump". I thought it best to pull over and check it out. Since both rear tires were fine as expected, I opened up the trunk and sure enough ... my temporary spare decided to have a spontaneous blowout :eek:


    A quick google search when I got home revealed that this particular Firestone temp tire (T185/R60/17) was prone to this activity for no particular reason other than age (no recall or compensation available). Sure glad it happened in the trunk and not at the moment of need. Unfortunately, the replacement was also an adventure as no one has them used (gee I wonder why :p), and only one tire manufacturer still makes the size (Maxxis). $159.00 later plus shipping ($15) and mounting ($15) I'm back in business :).

    Anyone else had a trunk blowout ?????
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  2. diesel


    I must say, in all my years experience with automobiles, (6 years working for auto dealers in the service dept. too) this is a first for me, Buck!
    Ever think maybe you just plain got bad luck? LOL:rofl::flag:
  3. daniellawecki


    Never in my 60 years on the planet.
  4. BuckJM53


    As I sat stranded by the roadside with my emergency flashers going, I hoped that a tow truck would happen by or that the State Farm courtesy vehicle would stop and help me figure out what to do. I had never considered that I might someday need a spare for my spare :(. Maybe I should have called AAA :rofl:
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  5. Wow. Very unusual for sure.

    I had a 1977 Mercedes 450SL with the stock, factory spare still in the trunk! It stayed in there at least up until we sold it a few years back to get the wife's Corvette.

    The tire looked "vintage" to say the least but it did hold air although we never had to actually test it out in real use.


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