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    This dictatorial libtard nut case wears obama like a cheap suit. His billions allow him into anything he chooses.:evil:

    Being the pocket man for "Libnation", doomberg supplies obama and the rest of the left wackos, with their anti-gun agendas as well as a major part of their financing.
    Him and his cronies, G. Soros, Hillary,the united nations, and the rest of the nuts, have successfully disarmed the entire free world......except for us. Disarmament is the only way to fully implement their new world order, one govt., love everybody, armageddon in waiting.:evil:
    I know it's early, but the mid-terms are rapidly approaching and we can knock off many of their lib/dem foot soldiers at the polls. Dem defeat will seriously limit their ability to forward their agenda in this country. Repubs. aren't perfect, i know, but we stand a better chance of maintaining our patriotic identity continuing forth into the chaos that has already begun. Please remember, come November, the libs must go!!!
    My old ass will be one of the first in line in the battles to come and i KNOW most of you will be with me.:flag:

    P.S. i will continue, no matter how unpopular it becomes, to remind you all of the importance of our right to vote out the vote in conservatives, and continue to delay these usurpers until they die off and can be replaced with normal thinking men.:flag:

    Thanks ahead of time for allowing my rant, i am totally disgusted with the liberalism consuming my country.:mad:
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    I just finished a very peaceful breakfast in Elkin, NC and was giving up the steering wheel to wifey (she wanted me to surf, read and relax for our last day of the 2013 holiday).

    I read this and now my blood pressure is up, I am amped up and ready to bash Bloombergs head in.

    So much for my gemütlichkeit! LOL
  3. diesel


    I'd like to say "i'm sorry", Jason, but I can't, I meant every word of it. I'm actually glad your fired up. If we could get more of you young guys fired up we could oust these demons in Nov.
    obama....I think he has done himself in via "obamacare." Flip the Senate come Nov. and maintain the House, the rest should fall in line. Then we need to put our collective heads together and figure out how to shake off their financing. Then, perhaps, we may begin to see our country's return to the values that made it great in the first place.:flag:

    P.S. when your ready to start bash'n, let me know....I want to come with you.:D
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