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    Because that is the total parts so far. :rofl:

    Well Wolf my friend the stock assy came 2 days early. Fit and finish and packaging good, They put the buffer in then spring and screwed on a platic cap to hold it. Grab the handle and squeeze to extend/retract.



    Buffer shown

    Other side
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  2. Your killin' me! :cuss:

    Looking very good Mike. I am mailing payment out tomorrow on my lower. All said it done with transfer fees it will be $135 for the lower, not much more then yours was. I look forward to the parts kit next. I am very anxious to complete the lower build but the upper will be the most expensive I am sure. I know exactly what I want and how I want it to look already too. :D
  3. MikeH121


    The UTG Stock was on Amazon under 50 bucks. Shooter's Supply in Loveland had the buffer and tube no spring 15 and 14 so 29.00 just for those. UTG has all ya need. Nice feel so far without the upper.

    Also grabbed a P-Mag for 12 bucks and 2 boxes XM193 surplus 5.56 :lol:

    Checked out Rainier Arms, they have some parts in stock. But most are out of stock everywhere else.

    Could not pass up the three deals on the Lower, Parts kit, and Stock Assy. A lot less deals in stock for everything else. So it just has to slow down. Can't put 1400 into just an upper and build for under 700.

    Although the newer store where I got the P-Mag, he had an all Carbon Fiber Bushmaster C15 in 5.56 complete with Optics and case for under 800.00 it Was very tempting.
  4. I will certainly be checking out the UTG stock when ready. I am as anxious as a kid at Christmas to get my hands on the lower and I have not even sent out the check yet.

    I am very glad I have you here doing this as well. Your finding some good deals around the net. :D

    I've got a few P-mags but I am always looking for more. Where did you find them for $12? lowest I've found is $13 on gunbroker.

    Just looked and found this. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical New Generation 6 Position Collapsible M4 M16 AR15 AR-15 .223 Carbine Rifle Stock Kit - Includes Stock, Commercial Spec Buffer Tube, Spring , Buffer, Castle Nut & End Plate: Sports & Outdoors
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  5. MikeH121

    MikeH121 UTG Pro Black Made in USA 6-Position Military Spec Stock Assembly: Sports & Outdoors

    The fit was right on, the finish is great. The buffer and spring were lightly oiled, the End plate and castle nut are there. Put it in place opened my little CMMG box of parts I could not use, Buffer spring and pin, takedown pin, detent pin and spring. No parts left over. But empty colored bags, and the screw on cap for the buffer tube.:thumbs:

    The stock has a good solid feel to it. For the price, ya can't beat it. You can always upgrade later.

    That is the one I got.

    Shoot Rite is where I got the P-Mag he also has the Windowed P-Mags for 14.95

    West Chester...didn't know he was there, it used to be a Tax Place because I do all the key work for the tax stores. He said he has been there for about 2 years. He is also the one who had the Carbon Fiber Bushmaster.

    Shoot Rite Sporting Arms LLC
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  6. MikeH121


    Buy the way Wolf....glad? You are crazy:dumb: to be thanking me....all I seem to be doing is making you spend money.....:evil: Maybe a little less here and there.....but that is like saying..."Gee dear I found this on sale at 20% off, and I put it on credit at 18% interest " lololololol

    Should you really be listening to me help thin out your wallet? :rofl: You can always tell the wife I hypnotized ya.

    I am basically cheap minded. If I can pay less I do. All my firearms have been deals. I shop around, get to know the guys, they keep me in mind on used things I may be interested in. And most of the shops around Cincy have bargin bins. Such as bags of ammo, I got 48 rds of 38 specials for 6 bucks in a baggie. A baggie of 9x18 Maks Sellier and Bellot brass case, 56 rds for 9 bucks. They were what ammo someone had who sold a gun.

    Most shops don't even offer that ammo. But NCH says they won't box it and sell it as new. Got good deals on holsters also that way. Pays to just BS with the guys at least when you do buy something. They throw a deal your way and yes hope you buy a new gun, but small shops need customers. A guy was gonna walk out because they did not have an XDS yet, I got him to buy an XD40 from them just by talking about mine. :D

    There was just a mall shooting in Oregon today, seems he had an AR....more fuel for the banner's. They may start with hi-cap mags. No 30's, then 20's will be too much. Then limit you to 5. What good is an AR with 5 rds only?
    But they will move in to total bans. Movie theater boy had an AR but it jammed, he chucked it for the shotgun.
  7. I could not take it any longer. I broke down and ordered the kit and stock and I don't even have the lower yet. LOL
  8. MikeH121


    :rofl: Told ya.......

    I like the UTG stock. Picked up 2 more 30 rd GI mags for 9 bucks each and some AR15 pens for 1.50 each they were so cute.

    Still too many out of stock uppers, but the important part, Lower is in the house.
  9. I did order the UTG stock. I have also noticed that there is an severe out of stock issue with lots of sellers lately.

    I've been pricing the uppers as well. I looked at Palmetto and they were out of a lot their uppers.

    The next thing is to stock up on 30 rd p-mags before they are gone too. You can never have too many mags. :D
  10. Just received ALL my parts and am now waiting for the call my lower has arrived. I cannot wait to start the build. :party:
  11. MikeH121


    What parts? The lower kit and stock kit or did you get a BCG and upper also?

    Cheaper Than Dirt stopped selling guns today. Which means no lowers from there.

    Cerberus is divesting in all of Freedom Group which includes, Remington, Marlin, Dakota Arms, Bushmaster, DPMS, and Advanced Armament, along with others.....

    I was at a Dunhams yesterday in Alexandria KY grabbed a Busmaster repair kit for 11 bucks. 2 of all the lower springs, 2 of all the lower pins, detents and roll pins , 2 buffer retainers, 2 firing pin retainers. Not a bad buy. Last one they had.
  12. Sorry, I got the stock and lower parts kit today. I am still shopping for the BCG. I am wanting to get the the M16 variant just for the hell of it.

    So CTD stop selling firearms? Any idea why?

    I have a Bushmaster AR, now that you mention it I should have a repair kit just in case.
  13. MikeH121


    Panic over the Evil Black Rifle. Dick's stop selling some brands.

    CTD is down.

    And Fienstein has struck:

    ■Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of more than 100 specifically-named firearms as well as certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns and shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.
    ■Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (magazines, strips and drums) capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.
    ■Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by: ■grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment;
    ■exempting more than 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting and sporting purposes; and
    ■exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons.

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