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bitch just won't quit


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January 26, 2012
This crazy, demented, bitch still wants our guns. Rush Limbaugh, as much as I dislike him, said it best; " Liberalism is not a political bent, it's a mental disorder."
I don't hate Rush, it's just that extremism in any venue is dangerous. Were seeing this every day as our politicians have retreated to their extremist corners, so to speak. No wonder nothing can get done in D.C.
I seriously believe we need a non-politico for Pres. A man with balls who will not back down from a fight and will spend more time working for the majority of Americans rather than special interests such as gay marriage and gun control. Albeit, a man, Hillary is not "that" man;



September 21, 2014
Diesel to quote moderation in the pursuit of freedom is no virtue, extremeism in the persuit freedom is no vice

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February 19, 2015
I was banned, recently by another website, because I referred to the Intel Committee Hearings as a 'circle-j***'. The second part of the word - 'jerk' - as in "pull one's leg", or "jerking one's chain".

Politically speaking, the act of a bunch of politicians ,who gather (as in a committee room) to opine, pontificate, obfuscate, and confuse, while saying nothing useful and getting nothing accomplished, hence, a "circle-j***".

I have also been banned, in the past, for using the 'a' word, the 'b' word and the 's' word for referring to feces in the vernacular; for describing the south end of a mule as an ass, which is what a donkey is, also, and using the 'b' word to describe the female canine of the species.

My question to you is, is what I described, in referring to these men in a circle; does it constitute foul language, and should that be a 'ban-able' offense?