Bit the "bullet" on the Black rifle

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by MikeH121, December 4, 2012.

  1. MikeH121


    Picked this Stag Aircraft Alum Lower in 5.56 for 130.00 today




    The Second Amendment is Printed on the right side.

    Time to start buying then building.
  2. Congrats on the new hobby of building the infamous black rifle the government hates. :party:
  3. MikeH121


    Yeah Thanks Wolf...remninds me of stripping and cleaning M16's (worked in the arms room for a few months) :banghead:

    All I did was cost me more money. Now I gotta start gettin' parts, ( I actually told myself after driving away with it that I would get the parts then assemble, :rofl: Yeah I'll put each one in as I get them.)

    Then gotta start getting 5.56 and .223 ammo......:banghead:

    Hobby? More like therapy actually. Least I think so...I am already crazy:thumbs: why not go full bozo tactically wacko.
  4. Best line I've heard in a long time. LOL
  5. MikeH121


    "why not go full bozo tactically wacko" to quote me wittle self....

    What did I tell ya Wolf? Today I was 2 doors away from Hunters Den in Amelia. Wandered over just to see what they might have in the way of black rifle stuff......

    Walked out with a CMMG lower kit for 60 bucks......

    Then in Milford stopped into a Surplus store to see the new digs, he moved 2 doors down, grabbed a 30 rd 5.56 mag.

    So now my 130 lower has added 60 + 20 for 210.00 and has become "Black Rifle Tribbles" multiplying little fluffy parts all over the place.

    And yes the box is in front of me is saying install us now. :banghead: :banghead:




    See Wolf....already put the parts in all works. Mag almost shoots out completely when I hit release.

    All went in smooth. Dangit. I know there are more Tirbbles......
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  6. PrepperTraining


    Looking good Mike. One time when I was back home, I bought two stripped lowers like that and built them up once I got back to MN. It was really nice having the two lowers and being able to take my time getting parts as the budget allowed. Needless to say, it was a great learning experience.
  7. MikeH121


    The problem the whole "budget allows" idea has passed bullet speed and seems to be headed towards warp.:banghead:

    Cheaper than D has an ATI six pos. adjustable stock with adjustable and removable cheekrest, alum mil-spec buffer tube, spring, buffer, steel castle nut and steel locking ring and non-slip removable buttpad all for 57 bucks and shipping.

    It just keeps multiplying as I said like Tribbles. If this keeps up I just should have bought it all at once.

    I WAS gonna just slowly collect what I wanted, stretch it out no hurry.....sure thing.....

    Wanted to get the lower and some 30 mags before someone started a ban, they will start by regs, the first would be that the barrel gas tube trigger.....any part that is needed for the thing to fire will be tagged needed an FFL transfer. Want a 14 dollar buffer tube? Add 25 for transfer. Handguards? Don't need for function, no FFL. Trigger spring, need FFL...etc.... They won't start out with a ban just regulate it out.

    Want 5.56 ammo? Nope classified Mil and Po-Po. 30 rd mag? Nope you can have a 10 only.

    I can see this happening. Change regs not laws. "We are not denying someone their 2nd Amendment rights" We will be left with Black powder and then they will reg that as too dangerous for civilians.

    They won't confiscate guns, but what good will they be ammo. Without brass, primers, and equip for reloading. Or you can reload with a special Tax stamp and fee to regulate "safety"

    It ain't paranoia. It is what they have been trying, and they won because the "sheeple" are scared.
  8. Watching you build this has given me the itch as well to start a build of one. I just need to find a local dealer with stripped lowers. :)
  9. MikeH121


    Well Wolf if ya actually truly start SLOWWWWWWWW and all you can shop and save.....I have already lost that battle.......

    There is STAG and Palmetto even if you don't build right away at least you have the important part, before they are no longer allowed. It is like saving to buy something, then deciding you don't really want it, you still have the money. Or buying some ammo to go shooting then you don't go. You have extra ammo.
  10. I have to start slow because of money issues but I want to build and I will find a way.

    I have been allover Gunbroker looking at the the prices of stripped lowers and shopping. :banghead: which is making things even worse.
  11. MikeH121


    Well My furry friend with teeth....I too WAS gonna start slow....was gonna take my time... On STAG's site they listed that same 2nd Amendment Etched lower for 150.00 and my local shop has them for 130.00

    Shop and save......then shop some more and the savings fly like rds downrange from an MG.....

    Once I got the Parts for the lower I HAD to install them the same day......and now it don't look right without a stock, which won't go on without a tube and buffer.....etc.....

    You say I'm a gonna get a Flat screen...then you need hardware to wall hang it...then surround sound......

    Shopping around I can end up around 700.00 total. Talked to a guy today, he was thinking about a lower, told him where I got mine. He has a bud who started that way, and after stuff like a 600.00 tactical scope and all the bells and whistles he had 3500 into it. For that kinda money it better snore on the pillow next to me and cook.

    I have seen some full uppers for under 400.00 which would put me just at 600.00 total. Just doing more research on the manufacturers. We shall see.
  12. Well, I have to take it slow because if I don't I will surely get into trouble with the wife, mother, mother-in-law, etc. Besides I al working on a deal with my father to get me a Glock 30 for my collection so I will have to pay him back as well.

    I do plan on shopping around to say the least, there are so there is no rush, YEAH RIGHT I want my damn lower. I am gonna try my local shop ADCO, ahem RJ, and see if they have any stripped lowers or can get me one.

    I know how you feel about the goodies to go with it. I used to be a Circuit City Manager and that was part of my selling strategy and is part of my own personality. :banghead:

    I wanted to stay around the $700 to $800 range with a flat top upper. I have the scope and everything already.

  13. rjrivero


  14. MikeH121


    Palmetto would have been the other choice in lowers.

    See Wolf told ya....with my coffee this morning I ordered adj stock and buffer assy. Doughnuts would have been cheaped. But not actually better for me.

    They will be here Thus/Fri.

    Went with a cost effective one for now.
  15. Right now I am trying to get a guy on Armslist to contact me back. He has Palmetto lowers for sale at $120 ea. :)

    I cannot even get outta the starting gate here. Perhaps I need to work the lower in reverse and buy the parts kit first then the lower and stock and tube assembly. :whistle:

  16. MikeH121


    That CMMG Lower parts kit has everything. All in neat little colored baggies. A card listing each part in those baggies, and a 4 inch AR with CMMG sticker. Comes with the standard hollow grip, I will probably replace with a nicer but not right away (SURRRRRREEEEE!!!!!) Need to get over to Newport, KY at Land, Sea and Air the Army surplus store they have a bin of 30 rd mags. Unless they sold them all out after the election. like 8-9 bucks each. They do sell furniture, and accessories. And they usually have XM193 5.56 surplus ammo.

    Just looking even Bass PRO had a metal ammo can of 5.56 FMJ, 62gr on stippers, 420 rds for 189.00.

    But I have even considered the CMMG 22lr conversion kit, around 179.00 just switch out your bolt slide it in place and start shooting 22's.

    See it is endless, oh I can switch this part, add this part.... then there is the list below:

    AR-15, without bolt modification
    .17 Remington
    .20 Tactical
    .20 Practical
    .20 Vartag
    .204 Ruger
    .221 Fireball
    .222 Remington
    .222 Remington Magnum
    .223 Remington (5.56x45mm)
    .223 Remington Ackley Improved
    6mm TCU
    6mm Whisper
    6.5mm Whisper
    7mm Whisper
    7mm TCU
    .300 Whisper (.300/221, .300 Fireball)
    .338 Whisper

    AR-15, with bolt modification
    223 WSSM
    5.45x39mm (.21 Genghis)
    243 WSSM
    6mm PPC
    6mm WOA
    6mm BR Remington
    6mm Hagar
    6.5mm PPC
    6.5 WSSM
    6.5 WOA
    6.5mm Grendel
    25 WSSM
    6.8x43mm SPC
    .30 Herrett Rimless Tactical (6.8x43mm case trimmed to 41mm and necked up to .308; the 6.8mm version of the .300 Whisper)
    .30 RAR
    300 OSSM
    .357 Auto
    .35 Gremlin (necked up 6.5 Grendel to 358)
    .358 WSSM (various names, but all are some form of a WSSM necked up to 35 caliber, some are shortened to make them big game legal in Indiana)
    .458 SOCOM
    .50 Action Express
    .50 Beowulf
  17. Mike? You do realize your not helping right? :cuss: I am getting more and more anxious to get the lower as every day goes by. I will have to start searching for the parts kit now that you have done that too me. LOL :banghead:
  18. MikeH121


    Deal with it :rofl::rofl:

    I did not want to hurry just want to stay ahead of the ban nuts. I was just looking at the 22 conversion and those lists popped up. This morn ran to the store got a Guns and Ammo with me groceries....they have a write-up of the 480 Socom and the 50 Beowulf, just add new upper. :banghead:

    I am not going boar shooting but I can with the AR platform.

    And now Rock River has an AR platform now lower and upper for AK 7.62x39. Whole thing around 1400.00 but now there is a new platform to start thinking about.
  19. DAMN IT! I want it NOW!:cuss::banghead:
  20. PrepperTraining


    I was the same way with mine. Picked up the lowers on one of my trips back home, then couldn't wait to get the parts and put it together. I'm sure you've all seen this poster. There used to be an animated gif, but I can't seem to find it now... :(

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