Best compact c&R elgible firearm for ccw!

Discussion in 'Curios & Relics Corner' started by sttroy216, August 7, 2013.

  1. sttroy216


    Hello all

    Im looking for my first firearm its has to be c&r elgible, i want something that can fit in a pocket powerful with a light trigger pull and reliable? what are my options if you have suggestions please suggest good ammo for your suggestion!

    also whar are the best online c&r weapon shops the ones that have a seperate c&R section also i live in cleveland ohio the ATF lady said sometimes they like to do site inspections in tough gun states but she said i should be ok, i dont plan on purchasing a ton of c&r weapons just maybe a good compact one for ccw and a stronger one for home defense so i will probably just buy 2 firearms what are the chances they would like to check my log book and just overall check up on me? or pay me a visit?
  2. Orlando


    Inspections are random and have nothing to do with how many firearms you purchase
    Just keep your log book in order and you have nothing to worry about
  3. C&R? Curio and Relic?

  4. Hmm, I just answered my own question by looking at the title of this section!

    Anyway, you want an antique firearm to pocket carry with a light trigger?

    Uh, say what? Is there any particular reason that the 21st Century has been left out of your sidearm equation?

    And is there a particular reason why a "light trigger"?

    I'm not condemning the choice, just curious as to why, and especially the "light trigger" which would be an odd choice for a pocket carry gun. Actually it's an odd choice for any carry gun. The majority of "light trigger" actions are all on competition guns, not something you would stuff into your pockets or pants.

    Just curious as the original post caught my attention and I wondered why a person would choose an older technology when the newer stuff is SO much more refined and dependable.

    Also, I just joined the 21st Century for my carry gun about two years ago, so I know of what I speak on this!!


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