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    How many out there have Benchmade knives? Just got into them and would like feedback.
  2. diesel


    I'm a year into knife making. It's a great hobby, it takes my time (I am retired) and is quite rewarding. I've made them out of files, lawnmower blades, and i'm now buying steel bar from Jantz Supply.
    In the past month, i'm making my own leather sheaths as well.
    If I can answer any questions for you i'd be happy to.

    IMG_0612.JPG IMG_0617.JPG

    This is the third knife I made. It's made from a file. I also make the micarta you see in the handle.

    IMG_0764.JPG IMG_0781.JPG

    About twenty knives later, I made this chefs knife for a friend who fancies himself a great cook.:flag:
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  3. diesel


    Wondering if you ever got started and how your making out with your knives?:flag:
  4. to diesel,what do you do in the areas of tempering,carburizing,hardening,case hardening,quenching steps ?
    any special carburizing materials,such as powdered charcoal briquettes or sugar ?
  5. diesel


    I do not carburize as I start with high carbon plate (1095, steel and D2 tool steel.)
    I have a small homemade forge that runs on propane (i'll show a pic) that I anneal first and harden with later. My annealing quench is 50% vermiculite and 50% perlite. This process allows the metal to cool VERY slowly thus, allowing it to soften,
    and my hardening quench is motor oil. After hardening quench, I bake in an old toaster oven at 450* to relax the molecules. This oven bake method MUST be done or the blade will be way too brittle.
    Bake for 1 -2 hours, depending on thickness of the blade.
    Annealing temp as well as hardening temp is from 1450*- 1500*.:flag:

    This is 1095 high carbon. (what your professional chefs prefer as it maintains it's edge better than any other)

    IMG_0763.JPG IMG_0763.JPG IMG_0848.JPG

    This is D2 tool steel, my favorite, for any knife as it maintains it's edge almost as well as 1095 but, doesn't rust like 1095.


    This is the forge I built myself.:flag:

    IMG_0848.JPG IMG_0763.JPG IMG_0821.JPG
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