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Bearman .38 derringer


April 8, 2021
Ok so I know alot of people are divided on these. Some people love em and some people hate em. I went to a local shop this week and the guy almost had me talked into it but I knew the accuracy problems these things have. But after watching a few videos on it I think it fits my current needs perfectly. My apartments small and the accuracy really isn't an issue until around 10 or 15 yards. Also everyone says the trigger is hard to pull but since I already researched this one and know a few techniques I don't think it's really an issue. It's actually a safety feature and I'm ok with that. My girlfriend is terrified of guns so the safer and smaller it is the better. I feel like this will be a great way to introduce her to it and at the very least get her comfortable with having firearms in the house. Hopefully by next year I can walk in with a dirty harry hand cannon and no one will think twice lol!!!!