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Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by MikeH121, February 26, 2013.

  1. MikeH121


    Found this morning with my coffee and a jump to Brownell's.

    16 inch Stainless 223 Wylde Match Barrel from White Oak Armament.

    Ordered. Email when I got home says it has shipped. WOO HOO

    I will finally have a full functioning AR15 this weekend. Thanks to all the gun grabbers and 2A killers, the panic headed libtards the hoplophobic SOB's and their messiah Obama, and little mini-me-can't seem to string an intelligent thought together-fire both barrels on a double barrel so that the bad guys outside know you are dry-oh and go outside to do so-messiah Biden with his hair plugs (he, which should be classified as an assualt weapon, because he destorys my brain cells trying to make any sense in what he says)

    I have spent more than I wanted in money, time, and effort. And while I have a few hundred rounds of a mix of .223 and 5.56, bulk is outta the question right now.

    Stopped in Wally World to get a thermostat walked by the gun section. they had 30-06 and shotgun ammo, they were completely out of everything else including .22LR

    Still have a Barrel on BO from Zombie, about the end of March.... but that will be a spare.
  2. Congrats Mike. I am still waiting on the Zombie barrel to arrive here. I've spent enough money on parts thus far. I just picked up a Rainier Arms Raptor (5.56) Ambi Charging Handle by AXTS that set me back $85.00.

    Also had my car hit and run on Saturday and that is costing me a bit to get fixed as well. I can understand how you feel about the libtards and the panic they have induced right now. I certainly hope things will settle down soon but i am not that hopeful they will.
  3. MikeH121


    Good news is barrel got here today......

    Bad news is it is a 16 inch with a rifle length gas system not carbine says in spec 16 inch carbine. :banghead:

    Emailed Osprey to see if I can get just the longer piston....then I need handguards........:banghead::banghead:

    This thing is driving me nuts.....

    Of corse being all milspec it all fit like a was looking pretty until I put the piston in place before torquing the barrel....glad I did that.....


    Well at least if cannot get a longer piston part I will have the beginings of another upper.......
  4. Sorry to hear that Mike. I know how you feel about it driving you nuts. I just got my BCG and charging handle today. I am not thinking about getting a Magpul CTR stock and a mil-spec buffer tube assembly. I have looked at the buffer that came with the UTG stock and there are scratched on the base already from the BCG contact. Also it is a commercial buffer tube. I think a mil-spec assembly is in the future soon too.

    I am waiting on the barrel to arrive before I order the gas block, tube and hand guards JUST to be safe. ;) I will hopefully avoid some some of the headaches you seem to have at this moment.

    I am concerned about getting the barrel mounted as I do not have a vise or block at this point so a trip to see RJ will probably be in the future to have ADCO mount the barrel for me.

    I was excited to get the BCG and charging handle today. :D
  5. MikeH121


    The barrel was just tight enough, the barrel nut and gas block were also. My UTG stock seems fine to me. As I said though I will keep the barrel and maybe do another upper in DI that is when BCG's and uppers are around again.

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