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Army Speeding M855A1 EPR Adoption, 7.62 NATO Variant in the Works


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October 7, 2011
The U.S. Army is hastening their adoption of the new M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round, a new 5.56 NATO cartridge that’s designed specifically for M4 carbines. The Army has been so impressed with the new round that they’re now developing a 7.62 NATO variant. The cartridge is also both environmentally- and soldier-friendly.

“Thirty-two grains of lead are eliminated per M855A1 projectile, and 114.5 grains of lead will be eliminated per M80A1 projectile,†reads the Picatinny Arsenal press release.

Often referred to as the Army’s new “green†ammo, the M855A1 EPR is lead-free, although that’s not the reason why they’re making the change.

The new cartridge offers much improved performance in just about every circumstance. It travels at higher velocities and has better ballistics and range, it’s great at barrier penetration and is more effective on targets at all ranges.

Army Speeding M855A1 EPR Adoption, 7.62 NATO Variant in the Works