Armed Houston mom confronts burglars

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  1. Published February 09, 2012

    A couple of burglars chose the wrong woman to pick on.
    They came sneaking into her house and she sent them running out. Perhaps they didn't count on the woman fighting back, but that's just what she did.
    The mother of two was getting her 10-year-old son ready for school when the two bad guys broke in. She grabbed a gun and came face-to-face with not one but two intruders inside her Huffman home.
    "It was scary," she said.
    She's still shaken up, so she doesn't want her identity revealed.
    It was broad daylight, 7:30 a.m., and the deer that are always outside the family's home were not the only ones out.
    "We have trees and animals. You never think there's someone watching you,†she said. “They had to have been watching because my 17-year-old had just left and I heard breaking glass.â€
    Her 17-year-old son had left for school and her husband for work. She was home with her 10-year-old son, her 4-pound Maltese and 200-pound English Mastiff. Turns out the burglars closed the Maltese in the washing machine and locked the Mastiff in the bathroom.
    "I put him in the closet. I said no matter what you, do not leave," she said of her son. "She said stay here, no matter what, until the cops come get you," her son said.
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  2. diesel


    Wonder how they got past the dog? My labs would have eaten them!
  3. LOL, I have a dog too but he would just lick them to death or wag them away.

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