AR15 trigger job...

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by PrepperTraining, January 20, 2013.

  1. PrepperTraining


    This video makes it look so simple... White Wolf, have you done any work on your trigger yet? I went with the straight DPMS trigger kits when I built my AR15s. I think I may try polishing mine to see how much smoother I can get it. Anyone else tried this?
  2. I have the CMMG group in my new build and I don't think a trigger job is needed on my part. It has very minimal travel and smooth as a baby's butt to me.

    That was a good video though and I just might try it on my old Bushmaster A2 that I have. That one just might be worth a shot on an older trigger system. :)
  3. sbude57


    I did pretty much the same thing on a Cetme and it made a world of difference. Been afraid to try it on the better rifles. Maybe I'll rethink that.

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