AR with barrle won't fit...

Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by MikeH121, March 28, 2013.

  1. MikeH121


    The AR with barrel will not fit in the briefcase I was using. So I thought about a re-purpose of same. Have some foam.

    It at least fits 8 of me pistols: :D

  2. Very nice collection you've got there Mike. I like the layout too.

    I am sorry your new AR would not fit though, perhaps another case will come your way.

    Speaking of AR's I just dropped off my upper and parts to ADCO for assembly since I do not have a vise or vise block.
  3. MikeH121


    Well if you lived closer I'd let you use mine. :D
  4. Thank you Mike and I would have done that too if you were closer. I figured $35 for them to assemble was not too bad. Less then the cost for me to buy the necessary tools to to do the job.
  5. MikeH121


    Actually with shipping it was about the same. But then you have the vise block for the upper, lower mag and BCG insert. So for me it works. Like the Armorers tool. Having that means I can switch barrel, flash, stock, anytime I choose. And I may find a flash hider / compensator I like better than the 5 dollar A2 I have now. it was the only one available then. More are in stock now.

    Plus I am a kind of do it myself nerd type anyway. Learn, than not rely on other's schedule. :D
  6. I can agree with your idea about doing it yourself, I am getting there. I just need more time and money to get the reset of the necessary tools. Besides right now I am going home on the 12-14th of April and wanted to take along the new toy.

    Rest assured I will get with the DIY program soon. Working for less then $8 and hour and part-time is killing me financially. Thankfully I've have had some wonderful help of my parents and my wife with this project.

    I am just anxious to hold the completed product in my hands finally. :D

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