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  1. jakeball


    Ive posted before about Sig's mpx carbine. And though it looks like a gun ide buy, sig might not sell the thing due to the atf. So that brings me to my next purchase/build.

    Im looking for a rifle like the mpx. Or an ar-15 in 9mm or 223/556, sbr, extended hand guards that come just shy of the end of the suppressor.

    So all you ar experts steer me in the right direction. Should i go 9mm or 223/556? Not looking for long range. Max of 100 yrds. Mainly just a fun gun. But i also want this thing to be lethal enough in a home protection situation.

    Ideal ar build 223/556 or 9mm

    The mpx carbine that ide like to replicate the idea.[​IMG]

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  2. diesel


    That's a great looker, Jake, but 2 grand seems like quite a lot to me.
    Then again, my friend, to each..his own.:flag:
  3. daniellawecki


    Spend it like you have it go with the .223 - 5.56 still looks hot to me.
  4. jakeball


    Well the way i look at it the mpx is a deal for what your getting.2000+ the 200 suppressor tax stamp.

    If i were to re create it, this is what it would look like.
    Suppressor- 800
    Tax stamp-200
    Sbr job-200
    Tax stamp-200
    Leaving me-800 bucks for the rifle its self.
    Its doable but ide rather buy the mpx. Being that its a dedicated platform, switchable from 9mm-357 sig-40s&w. Well that should say it all. For what you getting for what your paying the mpx sure is a great deal vs a custom build/recreation.

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  5. rjrivero


    I have AR SBR's in 5.56 and 9mm flavors. They're both fun guns and either one would be pretty good for inside of 100 yards. A suppressed 9mm SBR is as fun as they come. I just built this upper with a 5" barrel and a Liberty Mystic under an ALG Defense Hand Guard. The hand guard is 12" long.

    The 9mm AR will cost more to build. It'll be dirtier because of the direct blow back action, but man, it's A LOT of fun to shoot. It is my favorite suppressed platform period end of sentence.

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  6. Frankly I'd never use a .223/5.56 for home defense, nor any rifle for that matter. Barrel length restricts maneuverability too much. For home defense I prefer a handgun (.40 S&W or 9mm) or a pump-action shotgun. The handgun is maneuverable but the sound of the shotgun's pump action being racked in a dark room is a great big loud "GET OUT!" to an intruder.

    That said, if you're set on an AR-style rifle I'd get as short a barrel as you're comfortable with in tight surroundings, no more than 16", and keep it at 9mm. If there are others in your home that might be in other rooms if a confrontation were to occur, then there's less chance of a 9mm going through walls, furniture, the bodies of your family, you get the idea.

    Planning on a 9mm for my next build, if and when money allows. Here are a few shots of my last build, your basic Franken-rifle. It's a range warrior but with its accuracy I'd grab it if the zombies were to come.

    CMMG lower from OC Armory
    CMMG LPK from OC Armory
    Hogue pistol grip from Brownell's
    Magpul MOE buttstock and buffer tube kit , com-spec, from
    Complete upper with 16" carbine-length barrel by JD Machine of San Diego
    CMT Bolt Carrier Group (parkerized w/ chrome interior) from Bravo Company USA
    BCM Gunfighter charging handle with medium latch from Bravo Company USA

    Other assorted parts were gun show pickups, like the Magpul flip-up rear sight, etc.

    AR-15 Completed 003.jpg
    AR-15 Completed 008.jpg
    AR-15 Completed 011.jpg
  7. That is simply badass. Wonder if you could post a parts list.
  8. I'm inclined not to shoot Strait as he's one of my favorite country stars... ;)
  9. I've got a RRA LAR-9 AR 9mm,had it about 3 years,still unfired. Gotta get to a range to try it sometime.

    George Strait-'check yes or no'.
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  10. Ar-15 platform pistol, SGM-9, less than 24 inches in length and very controllable indoors. A build up with close quarters in mind.
    View attachment SGM 9 Pistol0001.pdf
    SGM9 002.jpg
    SGM9 003.jpg
    SGM 9 lower with integral 3-position sling mount for swivel
    VLTOR Custom pistol CASV handguard & flip up front sight
    NOVESKE 10.5" Stainless barrel including KX3 Compensator
    Carbine length Gas system with VLTOR low profile gas block
    Special Nation Match Phosphate & Chrome custom bolt carrier
    Shortened Bolt Carrier/allows for full buffer
    Tangodown BG-16 Battle Grip w/storage
    Tactical Dot Sight w/4 Red and Green Reticles (not shown mounted)
  11. There you go teasing again. Now you know I am gonna have to build another damn gun! Geesh :cuss:

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