AR 15 quick disconnect barrel

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    That is slicker than skippy peanut butter that is a must have. Thanks for the post and at about $170.00 that's not a bad price.
  2. IF that's the 1st 'company' to do it,I'd imagine there'd be others in the future. Future 'compliance' issues ???
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    Ruger has a take down 10/22 rifle someone else does as well. But the early bird gets the worm.
  4. Wonder how this affects accuracy?
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    It will not effect it at all and your sights should be good to go aswell.
  6. I'm just debating weather this would be a "better" route than just building another upper for changing between calibers.
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    You would need a barrel and 2 Dolos. 2 uppers and 2 barrels. Such as 5.56 and 300 AAC.

    If you have 5.56 you would need 2 Dolos, 170.00 x 2. Another 170.00 Barrel AAC. 510.00 total.

    Vs 170.00 AAC barrel + 90 Upper. 260.00 total. 300 AAC Barrel to a new upper would be cheaper.

    No change in BCG or mags between 300 AAC and 5.56. 50 Beowulf or something like that would also include a BCG. And mags labeled 50 Beowulf.

    So to answer no it would not be a cheaper route. But the Dolos is about portability, not cheap change outs. Makes a nice Pilot Backpack survival gun. There is one on the market for that fits in a backpack and gives the option for carbine calibers, like 9, 45, etc.. can't remember the company. Has a quick attach barrel and fits into a backpack case. Comes with 2 or 3 barrels to change out. Depends on what the Pilot would carry as a sidearm. It was on Military Channel.
  8. I installed one of these on my boss's M4 pattern AR. It is a great concept and would be slick for a trunk or backpack gun.

    My only concern/complaint is that the handguard clicks down tight but does not lock. Any counterclockwise torque by your support hand could break it loose.
  9. You know I always wondered about those. I wanted a foldable for a long time but I was unsure of the stability and/or accuracy of it.
  10. There's a new company coming out with a folding stock adapter which allows the AR to still shoot and cycle normally while folding. The catch with their product is it is something like $499.99 for the folding adapter. I'll see if I can find them again.
  11. I knew I had seen it somewhere, Dead Foot Arms

    Took me forever to find it again. I got the price wrong by $0.99... so "ONLY" $499.00. I'll pass on being a beta tester.
  12. SWEET! I'll have to check that out and let my dad know as well. He'd love it too.

    Thank you sir.
  13. I'm still not quite sure I understand the purpose of having a break down AR-15 in the trunk for some reason.

    Why not just have the 16" or 18" AR-15 strapped inside the trunk on the side?

    Taking it out of the box, putting the rig together and finally engaging whatever it is that caused you to bring the AR out of seclusion from the trunk seems to make the whole process kind of not needed.

    May as well just pull the pins on it and tuck it away like that. What is the advantage to what is shown in the video?

    I'm sure I've missed something here but for the life of me I just can't see any reason for a break down AR platform.

  14. no other purpose than to have something new that's in the 'I want one too' category.
    when it comes to choosing between 'remove,assemble,chamber a round and shoot versus 'remove,chamber a round and shoot,I'll choose already assembled.
  15. Oldman is correct. For me it's a "that's cool I gotta have it for my collection just because it's cool."

    I was gonna add another reference here but probably better of not. ;)

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