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  1. All,

    Well, I didn't see any posts in here so figured I may as well start one out, just in case anybody might have some questions about IDPA.

    I'm not an "official" in IDPA by any means and am merely a low ranking shooter at my local club.

    I've found that since I've been shooting in the Monday night sessions (under the lights now that it's winter time), that my overall gun handling has improved, as well as my general shooting skill set.

    For all the years I would show up at a "static" range and just shoot the 10 and 15 yard targets, I found that I wasn't getting anything done.

    I read up on the differences between IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) and USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and decided that my shooting "style" was more in line with IDPA than USPSA.

    As I wanted to shoot better with my "daily defensive carry gun" I went with IDPA and have been enjoying it and learning more about my shooting and gun handling as the months go by. It's amazing just how much we don't shoot in "real time" by just shooting a static target year after year!

    You'll find that hardly anybody actually shoots their "carry gun" in IDPA as it's competitive and guys just want to beat their buddy! It's all good fun, of course, but I wanted to make darn sure my defensive gun could do the job as that's the one I carry.

    It's not a competitive gun in class by any means as it's a compact .45 automatic, but I do have a long slide Glock for when I'm shooting with my buddies and need to post up a decent score or two (and get some free beers).

    Anyway, there's plenty of other forums that cover IDPA shooting but I was thinking if anybody had questions about it or wanted a "normal" guy's opinion of it, then perhaps I could help a bit.

    The bottom line is that I really enjoy the weekly shoot no matter which gun I'm using that night.

    Our first shoot of the month is always a 2-daylight stage and 2-nighttime stage shoot. It's amazing how much practice we NEVER get shooting defensively AT NIGHT!! Not just under lights, I'm talking drag that flashlight out and start moving around.

    Learned a few things the first time out with the dark stages. Glad I did it! I'm better prepared for a "night shoot" now than I ever was before!

    AD (bottom dwelling IDPA shooter)
  2. AD, Thank you for posting this. I will have more questions for you when I am able to get to a computer. I am at home right now. Going shopping tomorrow for a Kimber CDP II. Gander has them on sale for roughly $500 off, about $900 new. That is going to be my new carry gun.
  3. All,

    As an update (and I've got some free time tonight) I'll fill you in on how it went last night at our IDPA shoot.

    The first Monday of the month is a "two lighted and two dark" stage shoot. Yep, drag out the flashlights for those last two runs. Always an, uh, interesting experience, especially if you never practice it!

    Anyway, one of my buddies from our Blue Knights motorcycle chapter took me up on my offer to have some of the guys come down and see what we're doing there and maybe shoot it in the future. I told them that doing a night shoot for your first time would not be the best idea, so at least one of them was strong enough to brave the 75 degree temps (sorry guys, it's still Florida, no matter how you look at it) and he watched a few of the stages. He was impressed and he mentioned to me that he'll be back next Monday and "I'm bringing guns and I'm bringing friends with guns". He was pretty fired up about it for sure.

    He did say he really enjoyed what we were doing and the age range of the shooters surprised him. We have a group of 20 somethings to 70 somethings shooting each week.

    The following paragraph is what he wrote up for our local forum for the rest of the guys. I was kind of embarassed as I only finished the night "mid-pack", but it was good enough to hit each target with my carry gun, in all the defensive scenarios, which is why I'm there.


    I spent an hour or so with Andy Dulay tonight, at his Monday night shoot. During that time I learned two new truths of life, (1) If you want to excel at combat shooting and truly be able to defend yourself and or your family, join him there. (2) Never, ever get in a gunfight with Andy, he will defeat you, day or night (He shoots better in the dark) Heard him mumble something about having attended night school in south east Asia.
  4. Sounds like it was a lot of fun especially the dark shoot, not to mention challenging.

    It sure must be rough to have to bare those 75 degree temps. LOL

    I would probably have done the same though I would have placed last I still would have had some fun. I will have to check into some IDPA shoots here in the Toledo area and watch first. I do not get nearly the amount of range time I should. Hell Clelands is $15 for a half hour and $20 for the hour.

    Why would you be embarrassed about your placement. I would love to be even half that good right now. :D I think your friends statement speaks volumes.

  5. I wasn't embarassed about the placement, I was embarassed by what he wrote! From the description you would have thought I had just beat Rambo and Chuck Norris all by myself!

    Seriously though, it's a good way to get a lot of good gun handling time in and that's always a good thing.

    I did take a "PE" which is a procedural error penalty (3seconds) because I stuck my foot over the edge of a "wharf/dock" on the first stage to shoot at 4 bad guys around a barrel. They at least claimed I took out all four "while falling off the dock and into the water".

    I had forgotten that the stage was on a dock and the wooden barrier on the ground was the "edge of the dock".

    Like I said, when the buzzer goes off, your brain turns to mush every now and then!!

  6. You mean to tell me your not Rambo and Chuck Norris in one? Damn it! Just kidding...

    Yes it is a good way, a way that I need to investigate even more.

    Despite the penalty at least you got the bad guys. :) I don't think our IDPA course at the club is that involved, at least it was not last year when I watched it. I do know that we had zombie targets for the coming zombie apocalypse. :D
  7. diesel


    Sounds like your the target master here AD. Tell me, whats the trick to shooting snubbies accurately?
    (no pun intended about "Target Master" your an officer and i'm sure you practice quite often)
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  8. Whoa!! I'm not an officer and haven't had a badge on my shirt since 1970 when I gave up the business to do the airline thing, which worked out quite well in the end.

    A target master? Not hardly. When you see what the really good guys can do, and the speed that they can run the courses at, it boggles the mind.

    I am very content to play out my defensive scenarios at the Monday night sessions and HIT EVERY TARGET. It may not be a perfectly scored target, but he is hit and hit with the gun I carry every day. That itself makes the whole IDPA shooting thing a good deal for me.

    A long time ago I learned to "point shoot" and that's basically how I shoot the short range targets now. Draw and shoot without bringing the gun up to my eye to aim or take a sight picture across the sights.

    Why? Because I believe that in a real encounter, there won't be time to really draw a bead on the bad guy. It will be fast and it will be over. That's why I'm happy to always hit the target, even though it may not be a "zero points down" hit.

    On the nights when it's just a bunch of buddy's shooting up the IDPA course for the night, then I drag out the recently purchased Glock 34 and shoot 9mm with the rest of the boys and actually use the sights and take the time to make sure I hit the darn "zero" as needed!

    Otherwise at least once a month it's the real, daily carry gun and some "real world" shooting for me.

    AD (a dual wielding Glock guy now)
  9. diesel


    Sorry AD, guess i didn't look at your picture close enough. Your pilot shirt sure looks like an officers at first glance. I will try your point+shoot method, makes much sense to me. Thanx
  10. Hey guys,

    Here's an update from last night's shoot. We had a LOT of new shooters or guys who haven't been around for a few months. Most people I've seen in a long time.

    Anyway, I'm shooting along quite nicely and posting up some nice times and scores, at least for me, when we come to Stage 4.

    This is a simple stage. 12 rounds total. You start facing away from the threats, gun holstered. At the signal you turn, draw and shoot. The first six shots at three targets and then reload and down on one knee to shoot the same targets again. The targets are then scored for all 12 shots.

    Anyway, this sequence required you to shoot the three targets (at 15 yards) in a "tactical sequence". This means the first target gets 1 bullet, the next gets 1 and the third get 2 bullets and then reverse it for another single shot to the other two for a total of 6 rounds in the three targets.

    You then reload, drop down to one knee and do it again. Pretty simple stuff, right?

    1-1-2-1-1 is the actual sequence of shots on these targets. How hard could it possibly be to remember that???

    Well, if you're just out shooting bullets at targets at the range, it's a no-brainer. However, when that "buzzer" goes off in your ear, something just happens in your head and I think subconcious training takes its place. We've all practiced "double taps" for all these years. It's ingrained in our brains.

    So, I watch about 8 guys ahead of me shoot the stage. All were adequate and did it correctly.

    It's my turn. I load and make ready and am standing with my back to the threats.

    The RO says "stand by" and I'm as set as I'll be.

    The buzzer goes off, I turn and draw and put two bullets into the heart of the first target! I immediately realized my error and took the name of the Lord in vain while now trying to figure out how to finish the first three targets in a correct order and not run out of bullets!!

    I got it right, dropped down to my right knee, reloaded and shot the stage CORRECTLY to finish it off.

    I took a "procedural error" penalty for my gaff at the start but it just goes to show you how easy it is to mess up when that timer goes off in your ear!!

    Guys, if you want to get some good practice with your carry gun, give it a try. You may just surprise yourself.

    AD (the guy who can't figure out 1-1-2-1-1)
  11. Just goes to show you have the right training to place a nice double tap where it counts when it counts. I am sure your instincts were well placed and your mind just did a slight override.

    I sure wish you were up here in Ohio AD. I would love to watch the shoot and learn more hands on. Perhaps when the weather breaks here I will investigate my range but at $75 a year I have to really think about it (being out of work and all).
  12. I think most, if not all, of the shooting sports type things let you shoot a few sessions at little or no cost. Usually just the nightly entry fee if they have one. It's so guys can at least give it a try and see if this type of shooting is their cup of tea.

    I think I shot the first three times before I actually joined up and it was no big deal as far as the local people were concerned.

    Like I said, this type of shooting seems to suit me just fine with a decent amount of shooting and nothing special really needed to play with everybody else!

    I've got some buddies riding down for Daytona Bike Week next month and they ALL want to go shoot on our Monday night special! It should be a lot of fun I would think.

    AD (middle of the pack IDPA shooter)
  13. diesel


    Gaff or not, you are the "Target Master."
  14. I hope your right AD. I would love to get into some real shooting and more range time. :)

    The club I shoot at has a real nice 3 lane range there. Perhaps when it gets warm up here I will go watch a new times and see it I can join.

    I also agree with Diesel's comment.
  15. Guys,

    This post is for two reasons.

    1. I wanted to see if I could "embed" a video here as I've never tried it before because I usually just insert a link to the video.

    2. I wanted to show you that just "normal" guys shoot these things and we're all not super speed freaks with guns!

    This guy is one of my local motorcycle riders and he's an ex-motorcop too. He thought it would be fun to at least try shooting this way to see if he liked it. He showed up with some odd equipment, but it worked for him. If you look really close, those last four shots are all supposed to be head shots and you can see his laser bouncing around on the targets.

    Lasers aren't allowed in IDPA but he was a new shooter so a LOT of slack is given on the equipment they might show up with.

    Here's hoping I can get this to "embed" in this message.

    AD (Oh great. Another lame YouTube vid. Arrrrrgh)

  16. That looks like a lot of fun AD. I can really see what your talking about with his laser on the target as well.

    Nice to see just normal guys shooting in sports like this. I really need to get in touch with my club again and see what the schedule is.

    Thank you as always for posting the video. Glad you did. :)
  17. Guys,

    For the record, let me state.....


    Yes, those things that start flopping around when you activate them just kill my times and scores and they do it with amazing regularity.

    In this stage from tonight, the object is to take the first two targets on the right with two head shots each. Body shots are counted as misses so it's two to the head or nothing.

    Then you drop over and hit the steel popper which then activates the dreaded "swinger" which will require two body hits.

    Then you hit a target that you can't see in the video but it's behind the blue barrels back at the berm with two normal shots to the body.

    My "buddy" was kind enough to keep the video running when the called out the scores. Zero is what you're looking for and he calls out "zero, zero, zero....... FIVE (for the stupid swinger).

    Arrrrrgh. I hate those things. They just kill my times and scores.

    Try not to snicker when you hear the scorer call out that "FIVE".

    Oh well, at least it's not snowing.


  18. WOW That was very cool and it looked tough as well.

    I wondered when I first watch the video how the swinger was activated.

    Thank you for posting that. I love watching the video's of the shoots. Your quite good too AD.
  19. The swinger is activated when you make a good hit on the steel "popper" target there on the left side.

    When the steel target falls, it trips a line that releases the swinging target.

    If you listen closely, you can hear the bullet hit the steel and then a second or two later, it falls over.

  20. All,

    I've been asking myself if I really want to post up this 25 second video.

    It's a classic example of what happens to your brain when that stupid buzzer goes off.

    I've mentioned it a few times that no matter how many times you run a scenario in your head, something odd just seems to happen when the buzzer goes off in your head.

    This particular stage from last Monday was about as simple as they get.

    Two targets to to be shot in tactical sequence/order. That means put one bullet in the first target, two bullets in the second target and one more in the first target.

    One, two, one. How difficult can that possibly be to perform????

    ONE, TWO, ONE. Very simple.

    Well, only two of us (out of a squad of 15) somehow managed to shoot it "wrong". At least the other guy was a top state ranked shooter and he did it TWICE on the same stage!

    The stage actually shot those two targets three times at three different distances.

    The first one was at whatever distance it looked like. (15, maybe 20 yards?), then the next two got shot after a tac reload with magazine retention while walking forward to the next shooting spot to shoot "strong hand only" and then reload and forward again to finish "weak hand only" at about 7 yards.

    Pretty simple stuff. Except for the dufus you'll see shooting. I didn't include the full scene, just the brain dead start!

    Try no to laugh when my buddy (who is shooting the video) starts to laugh too. It was painfully obvious to him and me what I had just done. Notice me just dropping my shooting hand and shaking my head to say "what an idiot!"

    AD (I'm so embarassed)


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