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Another Reminder Why I Don't Use Craig's List ...


March 5, 2012
... Angie's list, or any other list. While I'm certain that most Craig's list sales go off without a hitch, it's these kind of stories that make me very leery of this type of transaction. The amazing thing here is that between the teenage perp and the potential victim, at least 10 shots were squeezed off with out anything hitting it's target (almost as bad as the police in NYC ;)). While I'm glad that the potential victim was not injured (couldn't care less about the perp), It would appear that he needs a bit more practice going forward (I sure would have hated to be a bystander in this one :uhoh:)

Craigslist Sale Ends In Gun Battle | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio


December 11, 2012
Since when has it been a good idea to invite strangers into your home or even onto your property. NEVER, period. Thanks for the heads up.
Don't use Craigslist anyway, but this goes along with any ad you may have posted to sell anything. If anyone is coming to your home to see something to buy, be prepared for anything and everything and never, never, never do it by yourself and be armed, don't have to go get you gun.