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  1. MikeH121


    Trying out just showing off Padauk Wood...nice and red turns brown when exposed over the years. Didn't shape it anymore and left the rivets proud. First blade years ago. More a woodworking project though. made the wood sheath to fit is has a strop on the insides to tighten the fit and protect the blade. Have made knife handles since. And have even made a few blades.

    Everywhere you look in my house you will find a knife or a sword. My kitchen knives can peel the skin of tomatos. The sharper the safer.
    I have 30 gallon tubs that have knives in them downstairs and swords in corners, on a table...etc... I have at least a knife on me where ever I go.


    Then I made this plane Body is red oak, sides are Bubinga, the bottom is Wenge.. the blade is carbon steel, shaped, treated, tempered and sharpened. All by hand all by me.


    Then there is my doorbell. 44 mag casing.....:D did that in 07 Thanksgiving day. push it and it is spring loaded and pushes on the wireless button behind it.


    May need a shrink......or just more range time.:D
  2. It all looks great mike!:bow:
  3. diesel


    :clap:Mike your a true artisan. Very nice!:flag:
  4. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Very nice. Very pretty wood. I love to work with wood. Owned a wooden toy store many years ago. Wood comes alive in your hands.
  5. I have to second what others have said, your a true artist in the medium of wood. WOW those pieces are beautiful!
  6. Wow. That's some very good stuff.

    Way above my meager skills for sure.


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