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  1. All,

    Just got back home from my annual Sturgis motorcycle run and western states vacation.

    As I open carry daily here in Florida, but with the usual "fishing, hunting, camping" restrictions, it was a very welcome change to just be able to put the gun on and go about my daily business in the several states that we traveled through.

    After "hiding" everything while passing through Illinois, we hit Kansas and I put the gun back on for good.

    No problems at fuel stops, food stops or anyplace else we visited.

    The Dakotas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia. All run in full, daily open carry ON A MOTORCYCLE.

    This means the hotels, rest stops and restaurants, morning lobby breakfasts, Wal-Marts, motorcycle shops, grocery stores and all that.

    Only one single person even asked me about my Glock and it was in New Mexico at a truck stop where we had decided to stop for a real dinner for a change. I believe the reason she asked "for a badge" was to confirm we we're about to get the 50% meal discount!!

    I casually explained to her that open carry was lawful in New Mexico and she could ask that state trooper over there (other side of the seating area) and he'll confirm it. She said she didn't know that and was thankful for the answer. She gave us all the discount anyway and I was the only one with the gun!

    Gentlemen, I've said it 100's of times before in all of the gun forums. Open carry is the most comfortable way to carry a gun and NOBODY will care that you are doing it, especially if it passes here in Florida and it's all over the news.

    My only regret was that I was slightly out of place out west carrying the Glock when I should have been carrying some kind of single action .45 or similar!!!

    So, two full weeks of 24/7 open carry and ZERO problems. I even talked with a New Mexico State Trooper at a gas station in Taos and he never even gave it a second look.

    AD (full time open carry advocate)

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  2. Glad you had a good time on your trip. Nice to know you did not encounter any problems either.

    You were in Ohio and did not stop to say hello? :cuss: :confused:

    I am still leery of OC in Ohio, especially Toledo where people are always in someone else's business. I suppose I should suck it up and try it. But then again it would require me to tuck in my shirt and show my gut. LOL

    I am going to Indiana tomorrow perhaps I will OC there and see if there are any problems.

    Any how, good to have you back AD. :D

  3. Andy,

    Open carrying of a gun is a "learned" experience for sure. Anyone who takes on "the challenge" the first dozen times or so will have serious doubts about whether this was a good idea or not. And the first time a police car shows up next to you and you're open carrying, you WILL get a bit nervous for sure.

    Know the laws, don't be a jerk and just go about your business. The more one does this, the easier it becomes.

    The two guys I travel with on these motorcycle extravaganzas will still not open carry and barely conceal carry. They talk a good game, but when it's time to get dressed, they just give it up. No confidence for sure.

    Take it slow and easy. If you feel comfortable, you'll act comfortable and confident.

    Remember, if you're asked to leave a building because you're open carrying, then leave. If you stay, it's a trespass violation. Do not press the issue and "demand" your rights. Just leave quietly and all will be right.

    It is kind of fun watching tourists from overseas pointing at you as you sit in a McDonald's eating a chicken sandwich, reading the Wall Street Journal and packing a Glock. Sometimes they even take a picture!

  4. I usually do OC while I am driving but when I get out pull my shirt down to cover. I suppose I have not learned the confidence needed to OC yet. I suppose I am in a good position with my wife working for a county judge and having a lot of county officers as friends that know me as well. ;)

    I know Ohio is a free OC state so there is no problem there. Where they get you is "inducing panic" mostly. People are funny about seeing people with guns around here. There are very few OC'ers around these parts. I am far from a jerk and very conscious of others and respect there opinion and wishes. If someone squawks about it I will go to my car and remove my weapon there and re-enter.

    I agree with you there. I know most countries do not have our freedoms and they are amazed that we have the right to carry a weapon. I suppose in time I will be that person they are taking pictures of. LOL

  5. PrepperTraining


    Hi AD,

    Glad to hear of your positive OC experiences. I am still wrestling with the OC issue and for the time being, mostly CC. I will OC after an IDPA shoot, but mainly out of laziness and not wanting to switch rigs.

    As is concealed carry. The first few weeks after I got my permit, I was carrying a training pistol, just to get used to the feel and see what problems I would run into.

    I have been taking the guys from work out to the range. Most of them are from India or China and the thought of actually shooting a real gun is an experience they thought they'd never have. It's great to see the looks on their faces as we work out way up from a .22 to a 9mm and sometimes a .45. Great times!
  6. Glad to see I am not the only one in the wrestling match. :)
  7. Very cool. When I was still working, we had mechanics and managers from Asia come to the states for various training classes at UPS. As we were usually pretty good friends from seeing them all the time in their respective countrys, a few of us would offer to take them to the range, a local biker bar, some decent, gun friendly hangouts and then finally over to the range to shoot pretty much everything we owned.


    I still get Christmas cards (from Buddhists at that!) during the holidays and they still talk about shooting the guns.

    Keep up the good work!

    AD (full time open carry advocate)

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