Ammunition Destructive testing by SAAMI

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  1. All,

    For your holiday pleasure you can view this video after stuffing your faces full of turkey and gravy.

    Many people (mostly non-shooters) have asked me about what happens to bulk ammo (or just a lot of it in a corner) in a fire or if some accident should happen. This video answers those questions.

    It is a professionally done video and very easy to watch.

    As somebody who has literally “piles†of ammunition in a back closet, I really did want to know what would happen in a fire or some weird accident.

    In case you don’t have the time to watch it, a fully engulfed fire will start cooking off rounds in just under a minute.

    A full fledged bonfire or truck fire or gun shop fire involving a few hundred thousand rounds of ammo can be “put down†in about 10 seconds.

    There were some tests in there I hadn’t even thought of!!

    Enjoy and learn!!

    AD (I think I’m safe from destruction)
  2. would have been good if they also did that with bulk primers and bulk powder,but those probably don't fall under SAAMI jurisdiction as they're components and not ready to use ammunition.
  3. diesel


    Very informative as well as very cool vid, AD.:notlisten::flag:

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