AM-TAC 416 HP Hushpuppy

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  1. Not sure this is going to take off like wild fire but it is an interesting concept to say the least.

    416 HP Hushpuppy
  2. Eventually,regular bolt action-pump action rifle are gonna become obsolete/no longer produced.
    The AR platform(s) have 204 Ruger,223/5.56,243 Win,260 Rem,6.5 Creedmor,6.8 SPC II,6.8 Rem SPC,7mm-08 Rem,308/7.62x51,7.62x39,300 AAC Blackout,300 Win Mag,338 Fed,AM TAC 416,450 Bushmaster,458 SOCOM.
    Eventually,every known cartridge is gonna be in the AR platforms. It's never gonna end.
  3. rjrivero


    This will be a niche round for a couple of reasons. 1) Even if you reload, it'll be about $2 per round. (416 OTM bullets cost $54 for 50 rounds for just the bullets only). 2) The bolt is 7.62x39 pattern which is inherently weak(er), and relatively scarce. It'll be hard to justify a purchase like this for wide use. The 300 Blackout using much cheaper components is having it's own growing pains. This is going to be even more ONE SIDED (no supersonic). It'll be difficult to market this round. What does it actually do and what is it good for? What does it do better than 308 doesn't already do? (and at a much cheaper cost per round price?)

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